Front Mission 1st: The Limited Edition is back on Amazon and on sale!

Front Mission 1st: The Limited Edition is back on Amazon and on sale!

If you are looking for a great title for Nintendo Switch If you want to diversify the many (in fact, many!) hours that you will certainly spend in the world of Hyrule, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this offer, since it is one of the most popular remakes, recently released, isn’t it on Nintendo consoles!

It’s actually available again on Amazon the limited edition of Front Mission 1stgorgeous Microids remake, which is a classic mecha-based strategy game! A very creditable and profound title that today It can be yours in a limited edition priced at €42.48! A small discount compared to the original €44.99, however, it must be taken into account that this is a limited edition that has long been sold out.

Remake of a true timeless classic, Front Mission 1st Remake is a strategy title This puts us in control of the “Wanzer”, huge two-legged fighting machines that are heavily armed and used in a war conflict.

Including two separate campaignsIn order for history to be experienced from the perspective of both war fronts, Front Mission 1st is a title very pleasantthat will surely catapult you into an experience from other times, but still exciting and diversealso thanks to the excellent writing that forms the background of the conflict.

As for this particular edition, in summary it contains: some small collectiblesinserted directly into the game’s case, which, exceptionally, also contains an instruction manual, as befits games of that time.

Beyond the brochure, given the past few years, this edition is certainly welcome It also includes a set of 2 lithographs and an exclusive lenticular figurewhose theme is the same mech on the cover by the way.

That said All we recommend is that you take advantage of the discount offered by AmazonVisit the page dedicated to the product directly in the storeThere you will not only find more details, but you can also complete your purchase before the promotion ends.

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