Genoa from Serie A: after Dragusin it’s up to Martinez.  And Gudmundsson doesn’t move

Genoa from Serie A: after Dragusin it’s up to Martinez. And Gudmundsson doesn’t move

Two of the great protagonists of Gilardino’s rise have already redeemed themselves, now it’s time for Strootman’s renewal. Looking for a “weight” tip

Is the party over yet? Not at all, but Genoa’s future in Serie A (of course under the Gilardino branding with the heavily armored jewel Gudmundsson) has already begun. And with the recent reconfirmation of Dragusin, the most-used player in the entire squad this year (the defender was on loan but the transfer fee started some time ago), there is now certainty that Martinez will do the same Defend the Rossoblù Gate again next season. The intention of the club was to confirm him in any case, given the excellent performances, but promotion has turned the Rossoblù’s will into a certainty. In reality, the immediate goal (which is a wish) is to try to undermine first place in the final standings against Frosinone, the day after tomorrow’s opponent in Stirpe, before the championship ends in eight days against Bari in Marassi, where the fans put on a great show.

The philosophy

But CEO Blazquez and Diesse Ottolini are already working (with Spors heading up all market activities at 777 Football Group) to prepare the squad for next season in the name of the financial sustainability that has accompanied the last transfer market in general. It’s worth noting that management has thinned out a particularly large group to seek targeted transplants. And so it will be next season, in parallel with the company’s recovery plan, which began with the arrival in Genoa now a year and a half ago. Three pillars of the current team are phased out in June: Strootman, the absolute protagonist on and off the field, overall leader of Gilardinos Genoa, is reconfirmed and work is also underway to keep Badelj and Rossoblù Senator Sturaro in the squad while the Criscito, another Genoa icon, will retire at Ferrari on May 19. But that’s not all: three other loan deals are currently under review (Salcedo, Haps and Dragus, whose cards belong to Inter, Venezia and Standard Liège) and it seems obvious that the aim will be to bring a compatible first striker to Genoa to get a complex championship like Serie A.


But there is another avenue linked to the possible valorization (and exchange) of elements of American property that are within the sphere of influence of other clubs, not just European ones, thanks to the market. A route very similar to that of the Red Bull Galaxy for some time. If the promise (kept) in B was only one year, i.e. only one year in purgatory, this becomes step by step for A. Step by step, but this time to stay there for a long time. And without worries.

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