Goodbye to the Rdc how the Inclusion Check and Activation Tool will work from 2024 onwards

Goodbye to the Rdc how the Inclusion Check and Activation Tool will work from 2024 onwards

Mia, the news on the new citizenship income

The farewell to Citizenship Income is imminent. In its place will appear inclusion check and acceptance tool: let’s see how the new measures contained in the working decree that will arrive in the CDM on May 1 will work.

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Mia, the news on the new citizenship income

We’ll have to wait for the Labor decree, which will be on the Council of Ministers’ table on May 1st, for all the final confirmations, but it’s now clear that the end of basic income is drawing ever closer. On the one hand, it is replaced by theinclusion check, the new anti-poverty measure, which, however, will have a significantly lower amount than the Rdc and only households with “non-working” families, i.e. minors, over 60-year-olds and people with disabilities, can apply. On the other hand, it is implemented activation tooldesigned for people of working age between 18 and 59 years old who are currently living in poverty: it is a check worth 3500 euros, but it is only paid to those who meanwhile are addressed to an employment office He takes part in training activities or projects, that are useful to the community.

How much is the inclusion allowance and who is entitled to it?

Let’s see exactly how these two measures will work according to what appears from the latest draft that has been leaked to the press. With regard to the integration allowance, as I said, it will be intended for families in poverty where there are people who cannot work, such as minors, the elderly and the disabled. The amount can arrive up to 500 euros, multiplied by the equivalence scale up to a maximum of 2.2 (for severely disabled people 2.3). It is a variable scale that is 1 for the first component, 0.5 for the disabled components, 0.4 for those over 60, 0.10 for minors and 0.15 for children up to two years of age amounts to.

Who can apply? Cores with an ISEE of no more than EUR 7,200 can benefit from the measure. And how long does it take? The scholarship can be paid for a continuous period of up to 18 months. It can be extended for another 12 months, but only after a one-month break.

The new citizens’ income is called inclusion guarantee: When will it come and what will change

How the activation tool works

In the case of the so-called “employable”, however, a maximum allowance of 350 euros is provided for dependents employment exchange find work and in the meantime are willing to participate in training activities or projects that are useful to the community. In contrast to the inclusion subsidy, which will start on January 1, 2024, the activation tool should already be available from September 1, 2023: In the budget law, on the other hand, the government had been able to reduce the monthly salaries of the citizen income for those who would already be able to use it next autumn lose performance.

Also in the draft, which is due to go to the CDM on May 1st, we read that the grant will be forfeited if a job offer is rejected based on certain criteria, which depend on the proposed contract. When you receive onejob offer with a permanent or fixed-term contract over 12 months, there is theobligation to accept throughout the national territory without distance limitation. If, on the other hand, the contract period is up to 12 months, there is only an obligation to purchase if the place of work is no more than 80 kilometers away from the place of residence of the applicant.

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