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Hamilton cop charged with assault after video shows slit on woman

Hamilton cop charged with assault after video shows slit on woman

A Hamilton police officer has been charged with assault after a video posted online appeared to show him pouncing on a woman.

On February 11 at around 4:30 p.m. ET, two officers responded to a dispute between a landlord and a tenant near King Street East and Sherman Avenue, police said.

Surveillance footage appears to show what happened next.

In the video, two masked and uniformed officers are shown at the door of a basement of a house and demand to speak with the tenant.

An officer appears to point to the camera before speaking with the resident, who has the door ajar.

The footage shows the resident – a transgender woman with a disability – telling the officer that her neighbor has filed a complaint against her.

She also says that he is the superintendent and that he has made complaints about her before.

LOOK | The officer seems to throw himself on the woman:

Hamilton Police are investigating a video that appears to show an officer rushing towards a resident. 2:11

In the video, she says the neighbor is trying to authorize counterzoning renovations to the house and is trying to evict it. The janitor “harasses his tenant and makes him interpret the opposite,” she says.

“Can I finish my sentence?” said an officer. “If you damage his property, you are going to be arrested.”

The woman says she didn’t damage any property: “Please don’t talk to me like that.”

In a high voice, the officer said, “I’m just going to talk about you because you’re clearly being unreasonable and not listening.”

“If you damage his property, you are going to be arrested. So don’t damage anything. Is that clear? Thank you.”

Hearing date set for the officer

In the video, the woman says she understands and, as officers leave, adds, “Take advantage of the intimidation of a position.”

This is when the officer appears to turn around and rush towards the woman as she quickly closes the door.

The video shows him looking at the other officer and laughing as he leaves.

At the time, the mayor called the video “worrying” and the police opened an investigation.

Police now say Const. Ian Milburn has been charged with level 1 assault.

His first court appearance is scheduled for July 13.

Police say Milburn has been placed on administrative duties and will have no contact with the public.

A woman wants an officer out of the force

The woman in the video said in an interview Thursday afternoon that police told her the accused officer said he didn’t mean harm.

CBC News has agreed not to release the woman’s name because she is concerned for her safety.

She said she hoped the officer would be removed from the Hamilton Police Department.

“I don’t think he can safely interact with the public, I don’t think it’s about recycling,” she said.

“I was traumatized.”

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