head of state?  I was just saying that chasing revenue isn’t about fighting tax evasion, it’s wrong

head of state? I was just saying that chasing revenue isn’t about fighting tax evasion, it’s wrong

“I’m afraid you didn’t make it. I’ve talked about how instead of fighting tax evasion, the state is looking for revenue. That’s wrong for me,” said Giorgia Meloni, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the June 2 celebrations and answering a question from Fanpage.it about her statements at the “Pizzo di Stato”.

by Marco Billeci and Annalisa Girardi

At the June 2nd celebrations, we returned to talk about some statements from Giorgia Meloni, particularly controversial, on the “Pizzo di Stato”. Answering a question from a Fanpage.it reporter who asked them if the Republic’s values ​​were “compatible” with what they said in Catania on taxes and thehead of state“, said Meloni: “I’m afraid you haven’t done that because what I said doesn’t concern part of the taxation. You need to delve deeper. I’ve talked about how the state, instead of fighting tax evasion, is chasing revenue – which means it lists at the beginning of the year what it expects to do in the fight against tax evasion – it’s odd, because after that you got those amounts must be raised, otherwise you will not have the money to finance the measures. And bizarre things are being done that are more akin to chasing revenue than fighting tax evasion. I don’t think that’s right“.

However, to speak about lace in Sicily in this context and with this comparison was questionable and there was no lack of criticism from the opposition: “I know very well what I’m talking about and that’s what Italians judge. There is a difference between what people heard on the square and what was usually reported in a certain press. Luckily, ordinary people across Italy look at what you said and don’t do it Reconstructions made by a particular press, because a certain press always makes the reconstructions in its own interest. It’s different from reporting the news‘ Meloni replied.

Secretary of the Fratelli d’Italia di Lavello describes himself as a “Nazi”: Meloni’s party throws him out

After one o’clock the prime minister stopped to speak to journalists Coffee break with the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, between the laying of a laurel wreath at the Altare della Patria and the military parade. The two co-founders of Fratelli d’Italia chose a bar on the corner of Fori Imperiali while waiting for the head of state to arrive and take his place on the rostrum for the authorities.

It’s not a simple museum celebration. It is the dimension of the fact that we either understand that when there are difficulties or when everything is going well, we can only get out of it together, everyone has to do their part. There is no one who can solve problems alone. Understanding that we are all connected is the cultural element needed to understand that we all need to be rowing in the same direction“, he told reporters and spoke of the June 2nd celebrations. And again:”The national community, the homeland, is ultimately this: one thing dimension of the sacrifices that are made together for those who have done it before us and for us who have done it to others”.

The PM also answered a question about it war in Ukraine: “Nothing called “peace” can be confused with the word “invasion”, I agree with the President of the Republic. There is a nation that is under attack and one that is attacking. We all work for peace, but we cannot start on the premise of building it without the consent of those under attack“. Today, Ukrainian President Selesnky had wished her a happy Republic Day, while appreciating Rome’s solidarity with Kiev.

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