Here comes Flash 130, the new Ilias offer for the summer.  130 GB for €8.99 per month

Here comes Flash 130, the new Ilias offer for the summer. 130 GB for €8.99 per month

You are considering activating a new phone plan and want to switch carriers a large amount of additional gigabytes compared to the tariff you currently have? Then the promotion Iliad Flash 130 It’s right for you as it’s designed to make sure you have 130GB data + 9GB dedicated to surfing in Europe and unlimited minutes and text messages at a really unbeatable price.

The offer which is among the most advantageous iliad has ever offered is available for only €8.99 per month, a really competitive price compared to operators like Tim, Vodafone or Fastweb! No less important is that Iliad continues to honor its commitments 10 million users Guaranteed, together with a dizzying advertising, quality, innovation and transparency about unenforceable contracts.

So Ccme for all flash offers from iliad, also for the FLASH 130 is limited and ends in just 14 days. Activation can be done online through the website in very simple steps. Users with an already active iliad offer have the option of changing this and thus increasing their gigabyte availability, and new customers have the option of switching their phone number to the new ported operator at no additional cost!

We would like to point out that in addition to the fantastic Blitz 130, Other iliad mobile promotions remain available: Giga 150, with 150GB 5G, unlimited minutes and SMS for €9.99 per month, Giga 100 with 100GB, unlimited minutes and SMS for €7.99, and Data 300 for those who need full connectivity availability, with 300 GB for €13.99 per month,

With this in mind, all we have to do is advise you to purchase the product and invite you to consult it Iliad page is dedicated to promoting and proposing too Complete your purchase as soon as possibleAt least before the offer expires.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you also subscribe to our three before completing your purchase Telegram channels for offerswith specific channels for: Offers, hardware & technology And clothing and sports. Have fun shopping!

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