Hotels cost 43.2% more –

Hotels cost 43.2% more –

Staying in hotels, inns, B&Bs and various tourist accommodation threatens to become a real burden this summer due to the sharp rise in prices that the sector has seen in recent times. The complaint comes from Assoutenti, which, based on official Istat data, conducted a study comparing the price lists of accommodation services in different Italian cities. Last month, accommodation prices increased by +15.2% on average compared to 2022, with peaks of +18% for hotels and motels, while holiday villages and campsites cost 11.1% more, analyze Absolute users.

The ranking

However, the evolution of the tariffs charged to citizens varies greatly across the territory and the most significant increases are in the cities of art, ie the cities that have seen the most visitors in recent times. This is the case, for example, in Florence, a city that takes first place in the ranking of expensive hotels and where the price lists of accommodation facilities increased by +43.2% last month compared to the previous month. In second place is Milan, where interest rates are rising by +38% annually. Surprisingly, Campobasso is in third place (+28.9%) among the cities where the number of tourist accommodation is increasing rapidly. Followed by Venice (+25.7%), Palermo (+25.3%) and Ferrara (+24.6%). Even the seaside resorts, typical summer holiday destinations, have started to adjust the price lists of hotels, B&Bs and holiday villages: this is the case in Sardinia, where in Olbia-Tempio the price increases are of the order of +20.3%, but also in Puglia and increases were recorded in Emilia Romagna (from +15% to +17%).

The most virtuous: Caltanissetta

On the other hand, in only three Italian provinces did accommodation prices show an inverse trend, with falling rates compared to the previous year: this is the case in Caltanissetta (-5.8%), Viterbo (-5.3%) and Trapani (-4.1% ). . “We fear that this is just a taste of what awaits the Italians next summer,” comments Assoutenti President Furio Truzzi. “Even in the tourism sector, last year’s high bills and inflation, which is still soaring, are affecting the prices and tariffs charged to the public through a general increase in price lists.” The concrete risk is that millions of Italians , who are unable to bear the ever-increasing costs, will be forced this summer to cut back on their vacation days or even give up vacation altogether, in anticipation of better times,” concludes Truzzi.

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