in June it is 5.5%, in Italy it is 6.7%

in June it is 5.5%, in Italy it is 6.7%

According to Eurostat estimates, inflation would be 5.5% in June, down from 61.% in May. Positive figures also for Italy, where it is recorded 6.7% compared to 8% in the previous month.

Inflation in the euro zone fell sharply in June. According to the Estimates from Eurostat, would be at 5.5%, down from 61.% in May. Positive numbers also for Italy, where the inflation rate would be 6.7% in June, compared to 8% in the previous month.

The Eurostat report takes into account the main components of theinflation: In any case, food, alcohol and tobacco are likely to remain high (11.7%, down from 12.5% ​​in May), followed by non-energy industrial goods (5.5%, down from 5.8%). in May), services (5.4%, vs. 5% in the previous month) and energy (-5.6%, vs. 1.8% in the previous month).

In short, the data confirm the decline in inflation, albeit remaining at high levels, threatening the Union’s economic recovery. There European Central Bank It continues to fight inflation by further raising interest rates – Christine Lagarde has announced a new hike for the month of July – a strategy but has been criticized by the Italian government. Giorgia Meloni defined it before the European Council as “easy choice“and explains that another rate hike risks doing more damage than inflation itself.

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The Minister for Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, also commented today on Radio 24 on the subject: “We ask the ECB to exercise prudence and caution in proceeding down a path that has so far had no effect other than stalling European growth and pushing Germany into recession. The ECB’s repeated interventions have so far not had an impact on inflation, but on the economy Interest charges collect the banks for mortgages and households“.

He continued to speak about the events in Germany, adding: “Our problem at the moment is the German recession and the risk that this could also infect other countries. On the other hand, our industrial system is inseparable from the German one and everything that happens in Germany also has an impact on Italy“.

Source: Eurostat

Source: Eurostat

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