Incel: Men who hate women (because they can’t “get” them)

Incel: Men who hate women (because they can’t “get” them)

The term incel represents the union of the first letters of the words involuntarily And celibacy (involuntary celibacy) and mainly, but not exclusively, identifies straight men who believe they are unable to develop sexual and romantic relationships with a woman but believe their right to sex has been unjustly violated.

This term was coined in 1993 by a student whose name we remember, but not much more: Alana, whose goal was to start a virtual support group for men and women who didn’t dare to start or form a romantic relationship to find sexual partners. The idea had some success, including even the creation of an incel subculture typically based in online communities, particularly in what net sociologists now call it manospherein which groups of men uncover the difficulties they encounter in seeking sexual and sentimental relationships Promoting outspoken anti-feminist and sexist beliefs.

Manosfera: an online environment to promote anti-feminism

The term manosphere refers to a number of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting it masculinityThe misogyny and the radical and ideological resistance to feminism. Typical aspects of the manosphere are:

  • The Fail (sentimental, sexual, but also social, economic and existential);
  • The mobbing (acted immediately as children and as adults in front of a keyboard or in reality);
  • The conspiracy (Those in power are always on the side of women and gays);
  • The slang (red and blue pills, alpha, beta and omega subjects, etc.);
  • The white supremacism (from adherence to the political ideals of the Democrats to xenophobia, from the never-ending Ku Klux Klan to neo-Nazi fascism in its various regional manifestations);
  • There irresponsibility (“It’s not my fault if it goes like this, it’s the fault of the conspiracy”);
  • There violence against women (first online and then also physically);
  • There radicalization (to the limit);
  • There paranoia (up to complete detachment from reality).

The roots of the incel culture

The ideology behind the incel culture is highly radicalized against historical feminism and against its current forms of political correctnessbased on the belief that the emancipation of women greatly contributed to the collapse of Western society and its “values” (which can actually be properly defined as pseudo-values). patriarchal tradition. Consequently, the man would have the right to take revenge.

The jargon of the pill

As in all subcultures, there is a jargon in the incel world that may have come from the Discovery of Viagraexperienced as a technological response that defends the very symbol of masculinity (the obviously shaky erection) from the onslaughts of women and the other Matrix pop saga. It’s the so-called pill jargon: being part of the incel world means “taking the red pill” and those who don’t are considered to have “taken the blue pill” and are therefore servants of the system . a world where sexual freedom and feminism have benefited the rich, powerful and adored women and relegated the man to a subordinate role.

In the manosphere i Alpha male are those to whom feminine favors are bestowed, d beta (or «Normie») the average mass and finally the omega, the real incentives, the ones that fail. Females, so-called “Femoids” or Fho (female humanoid organism), are in turn subdivided into Backy (ugly and feminist, despotic and enemies to defeat) o stacy (the beauties intended for the elite of physically fit, handsome and wealthy males; the above Alphas or Chad).

For the incels there is no doubt: the male universe is 10% alpha chad, 70% beta and 20% omega incel. In the grim world of Incel, the Alphas constantly alter and consume the Stacys until they become second choice and available to the Betas, who marry them in their thirties only to be exploited and bullied anyway. The omegas don’t even have the crumbs and sour pleasure to mess around with this bogus nomenclature anymore.

Incels exhibit high levels of paranoia, anxiety, and depression

Incels personality can be characterized by psychopathological elements which encourage deviant, discriminatory, aggressive and sometimes criminal behavior in predisposed individuals. Unable to recognize their responsibilities in their personal sentimental and sexual history, nor the very nature of the discomfort they feel, Incels firmly believe that women alone are responsible for their loneliness and frustration.

In this context, Lilybeth Fontanesi and Giacomo Ciocca from the D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara and the Sapienza University of Rome have translated and validated thisIncel trait scale, Questionnaire to determine incel skills. It has thus been proven that males appear with a greater tendency to incel high levels of paranoia, anxiety and depressionas well as a style of fearful attachment. This last aspect characterizes homotransphobes, conspiracy theorists and no-vax, among others and not coincidentally. It was precisely the pandemic, with its globality and seeming inexplicability, that exacerbated the fragile thinking of these people, and it was the loneliness of lockdowns that exacerbated the anger of incels and would-be incels rekindled by the conspiratorial subculture.

A distorted view of reality

In fact, clinical evidence and real-world observations do not at all support that lack of sex can turn anyone into an angry and dangerous incel: Devout Buddhist monks or their Trappist holy colleagues are not generally known for verbal or physical violence, as are many other women People who are deprived of sexual activity for a variety of reasons generally do not feel the need to join a union that will assert their right to sex with the same violence that is characteristic of men.

Therefore, the issue of the incel’s personality is much more crucial than that of lack of sex. The Different hormone profile between men and women It can partly explain why they are like that female incels are very rarebut it doesn’t justify anyone or explain why the majority of the chaste don’t get angry at all.

The man’s overbearing sexual desire (and in the very first sense, the desire for the partner’s submission) corresponds to the equally demanding female relationship need, which actually acts as a bottleneck and thus occupies a selective role of the man’s sexual instances, which on the other hand, it still has the Rooted in a patriarchal vision that focuses on gender power. On the other hand, he deludes himself that he can comfortably partake in the banquet of a sexual offering that would seem continuous and near-universal today if we believed that porn, media, and social media represented reality. It is men who find it difficult to understand that opening a Tinder profile by a girl does not mean that it is open to everyone. It’s the same difficulty the rudimentary men of the sexual revolution had when confronted with the first miniskirts, seen as an invitation to sexual violence and a justification for exploitation.

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