Is gonorrhea also transmitted when kissing?

Is gonorrhea also transmitted when kissing?

There Gonorrhea is transmitted through kissing. The scientists’ concern comes after the dissemination of a study by Australia’s Sexual Health Center of Melbourne. For decades, doctors said they were convinced the bacterium couldn’t be transmitted through deep kissing, only through unprotected sex. The researchers are now calling for the guidelines of international societies dealing with sexually transmitted diseases to be updated.

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Kissing transmits gonorrhea while chlamydia does not

The Australian Research Center’s expert panel looked at six studies to see if French kissing is a risk factor for gonorrhea and the chlamydia. Review of these studies confirmed that kissing with saliva exchange increases the risk of infection. The same does not happen with chlamydia. You can read the results in the Journal der Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Gonorrhea is transmitted with kisses: it is localized in the pharynx

A 2019 study showed that the bacteria that cause gonorrhea are more easily found in the throat than in the genitals. Consequently, the risk of infection when kissing was higher. The bacteria can be found in saliva. Therefore, using saliva as a lubricant can also increase the risk of transmission.

Unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex remain risk factors for many experts

According to current guidelines, the most important risk factors for gonorrhea infection are vaginal, oral or anal sex. Experts from the international companies argue that the passage of the bacterium through saliva is possible, but not that common. The advice remains to undergo tests frequently to check on your sexual health, especially if you have an active and promiscuous sex life.

There is another problem with gonorrhea, which along with syphilis is the sexually transmitted disease that is seeing record numbers. The disease is easily treatable with a simple injection of antibiotics, especially if diagnosed early. The problem is that we are confronted with it more and more often Strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. That means it’s getting harder and harder to heal yourself.

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