It will be a workhorse at the European Championships

It will be a workhorse at the European Championships

“Propaganda is made by the government. His proposals are inadmissible and unworthy because it means spreading propaganda gossip on the workers’ skin,” Giuseppe Conte said of the statutory minimum wage.

We will never give the government a break on minimum wage“, he promises Joseph Conte. “If they accept this heavy responsibility, we will make them the battlehorse for the European election campaign and for the future of the countrySpeaking to Sky Agenda on SkyTg24, the leader of the Five Star Movement once again attacked the majority for tabling an oppressive amendment to the oppositions’ unity proposal.

Propaganda is run by the government. His proposals are inadmissible and undignified because they mean spreading propaganda gossip on the workers’ skin. There is perhaps regret here that neither in Conte I nor in Conte II did we manage to pass the law on the minimum wage because there was no majority in Parliament“added the former prime minister.

To then underline how dramatic the economic situation in the country is. “See that the 209 billion of the Pnrr They risk being wasted watching Meloni talk about government protection money – yesterday Salvini added that the Italians are being held hostage by the tax authorities… All this hurts and forces us to work even harder to set the pace to change“.

In surveys, three out of four Italians support the minimum wage, but 9 euros an hour is not enough

Conte continued to talk about the bypass issue, adding: “The government is responsible for creating black money as it leads the fight against POS use in Europe and raises the cash threshold by introducing 12 measures in favor of tax evaders and corrupt people. Let’s not talk nonsense. The government cannot tell underpaid workers to settle for the statutory minimum wage and then reintroduce pensions. They consciously build one expansion of social unrestwe must avoid it, we must make them think, they must govern to meet the needs of the citizens, not for friends of friends who want contracts without public tenders, not to encourage investigations to prevent the resignation of the clique and attacking the judiciary is doing its duty“.

And on pensions: “President La Russa will come to us under pressure any day until we remove this pensions to all former senators. It is true that they enjoy contributory treatment like other Italian citizens. Parliamentarians, those who bear institutional responsibility, must not have more, but also less than citizens“.

Regarding the conflict between the government and the judiciary, Conte said: “Someone pretended that once the conflict of interests of Berlusconi’s anomaly was resolved, there would be a turning point, that a new discourse could be launched. The Meloni government, on the other hand, has once again plunged us into the greatest conflict with the judiciary. He did so in the post-Vilnius press conference, in which he accused it justice on the Delmastro case. I jumped off my chair as a citizen, as a lawyer, as a politician“.

Then to close: “The judiciary investigating Santanché and Delmastro is accused of having carried out the investigation because the election campaign for the European elections had started. It is unacceptable for the President to raise this threshold of maximum conflict to ensure one Regime of impunity for its employees and his clique. It’s very serious. Minister Nordio wants to dismantle the regimes of legality and fight against the mafia. He even wants to cancel the external competition. are we kidding“.

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