Italy is crying, I remember the advice it gave me

Italy is crying, I remember the advice it gave me

Matteo Renzi, President of Italia viva, recalled Silvio Berlusconi in a post on social media: “Many loved him, many hated him: everyone today must recognize that his influence on political life, but also economic, sporting and television, was unprecedented ‘ he wrote.

Silvio Berlusconi has died at the age of 86. He was hospitalized at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where his children had joined him this morning. In a short space of time, dozens of reactions were received from the political world in Italy and beyond. He was one of the first to spread a message of sadness Matthew Renzi, President of Italia viva and former secretary of the Democratic Party, who in January 2014 co-agreed with Berlusconi the so-called “Nazarene Pact”. A political agreement between the Democratic Party and Forza Italia to implement some electoral and constitutional reforms.

Silvio Berlusconi made history in this country“, Renzi wrote in a note later posted on social media.”Many loved him, many hated him: today everyone must recognize that he had a great influence on political, but also economic, sporting and television life Without precedents“. Berlusconi was the founder of Mediaset and for many years president of Milan and then Monza.

The agreement between Renzi and Berlusconi, to be precise League of the Nazarene Named after the Democratic Party headquarters where the two first met officially, it was closed in February 2015 when Sergio Mattarella was first elected President of the Republic. It was Forza Italia that declared the alliance over. In the past few months, the two party leaders had met formally several times, even when Renzi was already prime minister, with at least two official leaders at the Palazzo Chigi.

Political reactions to the death of Silvio Berlusconi

Today Italy mourns together with his family, his loved ones, his companies, his party. To all who loved him, my warmest and most sincere hugs. In these hours I carry with me the memories of our meetings, of the many pieces of adviceour agreements, our disputes“, wrote Renzi. “But mainly“, he concluded, “of a phone call where Silvio, not the President, made me shed a tear when he spoke about my mother. We will miss you President, may the earth have light on you.”“.

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