Juventus, Bonucci out.  Danilo the new captain.  Who becomes deputy?

Juventus, Bonucci out. Danilo the new captain. Who becomes deputy?

The bianconeri between old and new hierarchies: behind the Brazilian, the candidatures of Szczesny, Rabiot, Locatelli and Chiesa stand out, supported for various reasons

John Albanese

With the departure of Bonucci, Danilo is the new captain of Juventus. The Brazilian is the twenty-fifth owner of the armband in the club’s history, an appointment that will also be remembered to mark the 100th anniversary of the Agnelli family’s ownership on July 24. Instead, there is a close race for the nomination of deputy, with various candidates supported by competing theories waiting for Allegri to set things straight.


The coach recently cited seniority at the club as the main indicator. But the logic was called into question by the appointment of Bonucci, who had had a break in Milan, and by Danilo himself, who was favored last season thanks to the support of Alex Sandro and Cuadrado. The “eldest” would now be Szczesny, who in recent years has often left the task of representing the group to others.


Danilo’s rise last year was largely fueled by the player’s central position. A role that, according to the decision to stay in Turin despite other offers, could now fall to Rabiot, the man around whom Allegri wants to build his team’s engine for the new season. Under normal circumstances, Pogba would also deserve attention but the Frenchman is still a huge unknown.


Rather, staying true to the property’s specifications, there could be room for the Italian spirit. And here Allegri expressed himself in unsuspecting times, hinting at Locatelli as a possible captain of the future. Although seniority at the club overlaps, the captaincy should go to Chiesa, who arrived in Turin a year ahead of the midfielder. However, in the case of the attacker, it is also necessary to follow the developments in the market.


In any case, it is very clear to the new group of senators that new Italian recruits must be found in order to soon have a stronger presence in the blue national team. Who can grow as a senator is Gatti, who has returned from a positive first season at Juve and is now looking for continuity. While Kean, Fagioli and Miretti are the ones who represent the greatest history in the group at club, they grew up at youth level.

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