Leap forward for FdI and Lega

Leap forward for FdI and Lega

Lega and Fratelli d’Italia are rising while the Democratic Party and Five Star Movement are falling, according to the latest poll by Termometro politico, which also analyzes what voters think about financial peace.

Jump ahead in the polls for Fratelli d’Italia, even if Giorgia Meloni’s party is still just under the 30 percent hurdle. The league is also growing and Forza Italia remains stable. On the opposition front, however, both the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement have seen support fall over the past week. This is based on the current average of the polls Political thermometer. Let’s see how Italians would vote if called to vote today.

brothers of Italy it has grown in the last week, reaching 29.9%, almost 30%. Instead both Democratic Party that the Five Star Movementat 19.5% and 16% respectively. Back to the government district league which reaches 9.4% come on italy remains stable at 7.5%. Among the small parties action He is the only one who could cross the threshold in a vote today: in fact he is at 3.8%, while all other parties remain below this quota.

As for that Trust in the Prime MinisterAccording to the Termometro Politico survey, this figure has fallen slightly since the last survey. Overall, it is even 42.6%. The proportion of respondents who instead stated that they did not trust Giorgia Meloni is 57.1%.

Political polls, Pd in ​​comeback as M5s fall (below 16%)

The survey also examines citizens’ opinions on other key issues in the political debate. For example the suggestion of Matthew Salvini for financial peace. 36.9% of respondents disagree with the Vice-President of the Council and believe that this constitutes a criminal offense for taxpayers who pay taxes, which would only increase tax evasion and thus the tax burden of those who collect taxes instead. On the other hand, 28.9% think the proposal is right because the tax authorities are choking on citizens and businesses too much.

Another 19.1% want the fine to be lifted, but not the amount owed. Finally, 13.8% think it is an amnesty and say they are against it, but stress that in any case there is a problem of too high taxation in the country.

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