More than 1,000 Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19

More than 1,000 Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19

The number of Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19 has passed 1,000, a milestone not seen since the peak of the fourth wave last fall.

Updated COVID-19 statistics released Monday by the Alberta government show there are 1,007 people hospitalized, up from 822 on Friday.

The number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care has also increased, now at 94, from 81 on Friday.

Additionally, 23 deaths have been reported to Alberta Health in the past 72 hours, including a child between the ages of five and nine who had no pre-existing conditions. Since the start of the pandemic, 3,403 people in Alberta have died from COVID-19.

Over three days of testing, from Friday to Sunday, 15,886 new cases were identified out of 42,622 tests.

There are 72,368 known active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta, but this number reflects positive PCR tests, which are only offered to specific groups of Albertans – primarily those at risk of serious consequences and those who live or work in high-risk areas. risk parameters.

Government statistics on active cases do not include people who tested positive with a rapid test – a group that now includes Health Minister Jason Copping.

“After showing mild symptoms last week, I took a rapid test and tested positive. I am now in isolation at home,” Copping tweeted on Monday afternoon.

In his tweet, Copping urged Albertans who haven’t been vaccinated or still need a booster to consider getting it.

“Reports suggest that fully vaccinated people are 19 times less likely to end up in hospital with Omicron than unvaccinated people,” he said.

Here is how the known active cases are distributed across the province:

  • Calgary area: 34,847.
  • Edmonton area: 26,002.
  • Central area: 4,409.
  • Southern zone: 3,093.
  • North Zone: 3,235.
  • Unknown: 782.

As of Friday, more than eight million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine had been administered in Alberta, and at least 85% of people aged 12 and older had received at least one dose.

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