Netalia: The public cloud accompanies the growth of companies and public administrations

Netalia: The public cloud accompanies the growth of companies and public administrations

2023 will be remembered as the year of the great migration to the cloud Public administrationalso represents a great opportunity for NataliaFirst Public Cloud Service Providers Italian.

Although Netalia has been active since 2010, it has gradually matured in recent years and, on the one hand, guarantees the data sovereignty and on the other hand, the physical and legal domicile throughout the territory and the consolidation of a 65% increase in sales in 2022 and a prospective even greater growth in 2023.

For this reason, we were happy to have the opportunity to talk to us Michele Zunino, Founder and CEO of Netalia, who explained to us how the industry is evolving and how Netalia fits in to help businesses and public administrations in a time of delicate transition to the cloud.

According to Zunino “The public cloud is the most suitable model for this accompany a development process Micro and macro, as it has virtually unlimited flexibility and scalability, minimizes the risks of lock-in and eliminates the risks of technological obsolescence, and easily integrates with hybrid and multi-cloud solutions“.

Michele Zunino, Founder and CEO of Netalia.

Offer as a Service

For companies, the core of information management is increasingly shifting from physical and virtual infrastructures (IaaS) to the architectures that make up the platforms (PaaS), to virtualized services(SaaS) where the new capabilities and new processes that enable organizations to grow and improve are converged and fleshed out.

It is not for nothing that the birth of a National Strategic Pole It is one of the PNRR’s most important missions. According to Zunino, Netalia wants to be at the manager’s disposal as an interlocutor and aggregator of needs and solutions, in a collective vision attentive to the needs of the entire ecosystem.

Netalia currently has three data centers, which will become four in 2023, housed in neutral facilities and all certified by Uptime Institute Tier 3with reserved areas with controlled and air-conditioned access for physical maintenance and upgrades.

Netalia’s goal is cover 2% of the market by 2030, estimated at around 10 billion euros at the time. “It is clear that the large market share is in the hands of the large global cloud providers – closes Zunino – and that there is strong competition in the market, but it is also true that as companies become more structured and more aware of compliance factors, we can do our part.”

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