Nile fever: Italy is the country with the most cases in Europe

Nile fever: Italy is the country with the most cases in Europe

What are the Symptoms of Nile Fever? It’s better to know them because Italy is the most vulnerable country for this disease caused by mosquito bites. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, one of the main health authorities in the Old Continent, is reinitiating the risk. In terms of numbers, we are by far the first. In 2022, 1,133 human cases and 92 deaths due to Nile virus infection were reported in the EU. In Italy there were 723 cases. More than six out of ten cases registered in the European Union are Italian. The virus is not transmitted from person to person, but through mosquito biteespecially the kind Culex.

Just a few days ago, the Italian Society for Hygiene carried out a restart the alarm about the danger of diseases caused by mosquito bites as malaria, Dengue fever, chikungunya and indeed Nile fever.

The incubation period and symptoms of Nile fever

The incubation period varies between 2 and 14 days, but can also be 21 days in people with a weak immune system. It is usually an asymptomatic disease. If symptoms appear, these are:

  • Fever,
  • Headache,
  • nausea,
  • to throw up,
  • swollen lymph nodes,
  • skin rashes

Their intensity is variable. In older people, the fever is more severe, while in young people, the fever is often accompanied by red eyes, headaches, and muscle aches.

Nile Fever Symptoms: Which Are the Hardest to Fight?

Less than 1% of those infected Symptoms can get worse and also include:

  • disorientation,
  • Tremble,
  • vision problems,
  • Deafness,
  • Cramps,
  • paralysis and coma.

Some neurological effects may be permanent: In about 1 in 1000 cases, the virus can cause fatal encephalitis.

Prevention of West Nile fever

There is no vaccine against West Nile fever. The only way to reduce the risk of infection is to minimize exposure to mosquito bites. Here you will find all scientifically proven ways to repel mosquitoes

The fan can be effective

A fan can help keep mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes don’t like the wind, which makes them unable to fly. In addition, the fan disperses human skin odors that attract insects.

Citronella useless?

Natural repellents like Lemongrass is often ineffective. In fact, the mosquitoes have learned to associate these smells with the presence of humans.

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