Oncowellness: 5-star cuisine to improve the well-being of people with cancer

Oncowellness: 5-star cuisine to improve the well-being of people with cancer

Good nutrition is essential for people with cancer. Vary the cooking methods and the ingredients, dose the fats, respect the seasonality, pay attention to the quality of the products and when cooking think of the taste of what you eat and who eats: these are the advices of Charles Cracointernationally renowned chef with 5 Michelin stars and TV personality, testimonial of the new edition of Oncowellnesswhich has prepared a special recipe book combining appetite and nutritional benefits as well as exclusive video recipes, available at

Oncowellness is a Pfizer project launched in 2022 dedicated to the psychophysical well-being of people with a history Cancer, which this year focuses on nutrition and integrated non-pharmacological therapies or practices. The project is supported by a coalition of oncologists, nutritionists, physiatrists, rehabilitators and coaches and in collaboration with partner patient associations: AIL – Italian Association against Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma, Europa Donna Italia, IncontraDonna Foundation, Susan G. Komen Italia, APS PaLiNUro Association – patients without urothelial neoplasms and WALCE – women against lung cancer in Europe.

There is a fortress Link between diet and cancer, both in terms of prevention and support during treatment. In fact, maintaining a correct, healthy, varied and balanced diet is important to maintain optimal body weight, muscle mass and strength during treatment. Malnutrition, a common phenomenon in cancer patients, is a depletion of energy and nutrient reserves that can significantly affect a person’s state of health and should be considered a “disease within a disease”. If the cancer patient does not eat adequately or adequately, the side effects of the therapies may worsen and it may be necessary to stop the treatments.

Oncowellness is a project that, in addition to nutrition, also includes the field of motor activity and is considered as a non-pharmacological treatment that improves general fitness; and the field of psycho-physical well-being, since the integrated non-pharmacological practices take care of the person with cancer in 360 degrees. The integrated non-pharmacological practices are understood to be those from yoga to meditation, from acupuncture to massages, from tai chi to acupressure, music therapy and others that do not heal tumors but take care of the well-being of people with cancer as a unique body-mind unit throughout the experience and cancer care pathway, it facilitates adherence to therapies and improves quality of life.

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