how to change the new rules –

From Tuesday, May 2nd, the Revenue Agency will publish the 730 models on its website with the taxpayer data previously entered. From Thursday May 11th it is possible to accept or change first, and send the document. The deadline for submission is set for Sunday October 2nd and it is possible to do it through a coffee shop or authorized […]

Shooting in Texas, San Jacinto County: at least five dead

At least five people were killed in a shootout in the county today San Jacinto, Texasaccording to various US media reports, citing the local sheriff’s office. Those affected were inside a house and were attacked by a hitman holding an Ar-15 automatic rifle. At least three other people were injured and taken to the hospital “covered in blood,” the sheriff […]

Is gonorrhea also transmitted when kissing?

There Gonorrhea is transmitted through kissing. The scientists’ concern comes after the dissemination of a study by Australia’s Sexual Health Center of Melbourne. For decades, doctors said they were convinced the bacterium couldn’t be transmitted through deep kissing, only through unprotected sex. The researchers are now calling for the guidelines of international societies dealing with sexually transmitted diseases to be […]

Chaos Def tries to minimize the majority by summoning the quorum

The majority admits that what happened in the chamber, where the figures were missing at the first attempt to approve the budget deviation, is very serious and apologizes to the citizens. But there are those who try to minimize by bringing quorum into play. On the second try majority He listened to the figures and approved the related budget variance […]