the government convenes the warning commission

The Rapid Alert Commission was convened to monitor prices: Pasta prices have risen 17.5% in a year, while the cost of wheat has fallen. For industry companies, the reason is that the pasta that’s on the shelves now was produced months ago when wheat and energy were more expensive. In March 2023, the average price of pasta was higher 17.5% […]

massacre of students. Serbia announces 3 days of mourning

At least nine people were killed in a shooting at a primary school in Belgrade, eight students and a caretaker at the facility. 6 other children and a teacher were injured. According to the Tanjug agency, which cites Interior Ministry sources, the shooting took place around 8:40 a.m. (same Italian time) at the Vladislav Ribnikar school in the central Vracar […]

Come installare GCam (Google Camera) su tutti gli smartphone Android

Google Camera (GCAM) è probabilmente uno dei software per la fotocamera migliori per gli smartphone con sistema operativo Android. La prima versione dell’app è stata lanciata da Google 8 anni fa, precisamente il 16 aprile 2014, e inizialmente era scaricabile su tutti i dispositivi con Android 4.4 KitKat e versioni successive. Ora, invece, l’app è supportata ufficialmente solo dai dispositivi […]

Superga, homage to Grande Torino: Park for Mazzola, the complete program

Tomorrow the celebrations to commemorate the invincibles, whose name Buongiorno will read in front of the tombstone. River Plate and Benfica fans are expected. Practice is open to fans in Philadelphia and the mole will be lit up with grenades From our correspondent Mario Pagliara May 3rd -Turin 74 years ago, these champions entered the legend and became a phenomenon […]

Political polls, confidence in Giorgia Meloni rises but Fratelli d’Italia remains below 30%

According to the latest poll by Termometro Politico, voters’ confidence in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni goes back. But his party, the Brothers of Italy, remains below 30%. Confidence in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is growing. A positive trend also reflected in Fratelli d’Italia, which is regaining support after a few weeks of downturn. And even if the 30 percent threshold […]

Are the transistors of the future made of wood?

Some ideas are so original and unusual that the first question that comes to mind is something like but how the hell did he get that into his head. That’s what you might think, for example, when you read about the Swedish researchers who thought it was appropriate a wooden transistor. Yes, it’s strange, because first we had tubes, then […]