Hate speech online could lead to attacks on politicians, warns MP Angus

A Canadian politician could end up being physically attacked or killed if nothing more is done to deal with the increase in hate comments online, NDP MP Charlie Angus warned today. Speaking at a panel discussion, Angus said incidents such as the security incident outside the Prime Minister’s residence last summer, a citizen’s attempt to “arrest” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh […]

It is the season of the world championships for the Olympic winter sports

This is an excerpt from The Buzzer, which is CBC Sports’ daily email newsletter. Keep up to date with what’s happening in sport by subscribing here. Small word before starting: no newsletter tomorrow nor on bank holiday. Back Tuesday. It’s the season of the winter world championships Several Olympic winter sports are currently organizing their world championships. Here’s what’s going […]

Trudeau’s criticism of Trump cited in US impeachment trial

This story is part of Watching Washington, a regular dispatch from CBC News correspondents who report on US politics and developments affecting Canadians. What’s up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s critical comments on Donald Trump following the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill were on file during the former president’s impeachment trial. Democrats, urging the US Senate to condemn Trump for inciting […]

Internal data shows increase in harassment complaints at Canada Revenue Agency and RCMP

Complaints of workplace harassment and violence have risen sharply in several federal departments and agencies in recent years, according to internal data. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) saw harassment complaints soar 82% to 166 between 2016-2017 and 2018-2019. The RCMP says it received 1,132 harassment complaints over a five-year period, with numbers increasing by more than 50% between 2015 and […]

Roche’s arthritis drug cuts death toll in hospital patients with COVID-19

Roche’s arthritis drug tocilizumab reduces the risk of death in patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19, also shortening recovery time and reducing the need for mechanical ventilation, the results showed a great deal. test Thursday. The results – from the UK-based RECOVERY trial, which has been testing a range of potential treatments for COVID-19 since March 2020 – is expected to […]

Myanmar’dan Etiyopya’ya, interneti kapatmak, rejimlerin gözde aracı haline geliyor

Ordu generalleri geçen hafta Myanmar’da bir darbe düzenlediğinde, protestoları bastırmak için kısa bir süre için İnternet erişimini kestiler. Uganda’da yaşayanlar son seçimleri takip eden haftalarda Facebook, Twitter ve diğer sosyal medyayı kullanamadı. Ve Etiyopya’nın kuzey Dicle bölgesinde İnternet aylardır tartışmalara karışıyor. Tüm dünyada, interneti kapatmak, baskıcı ve otoriter rejimlerin ve bazı liberal olmayan demokrasilerin giderek daha popüler bir taktiği haline […]

Former gymnastics coach Michel Arsenault obtained a stay of proceedings in sexual assault case

Former gymnastics coach Michel Arsenault, who had faced several charges of sexual assault and sexual assault in connection with five former gymnasts, was granted a stay on Thursday. Arsenault requested the stay last year, accusing investigators of failing to properly disclose evidence and “contaminating” witnesses. The request was granted Thursday by a Montreal judge. Arsenault’s lawyer, Roxane Hamelin, said in […]

Democrats to push to convict Donald Trump in Senate trial

Democrats who argue Donald Trump should be convicted of instigating the U.S. Capitol headquarters will focus on the damage caused by the riot and the former president’s role in blazing the rampage on Thursday. The House of Representatives accused Trump, a Republican, of instigating insurgency by urging thousands of supporters to march on Capitol Hill on January 6, the day […]