New COVID-19 outbreak declared at Cargill meat plant in Alberta – site of largest outbreak in Canada

The site of Canada’s largest COVID-19 outbreak is now facing a new wave of cases. The Alberta Department of Health confirmed there were 11 cases linked to the Cargill meat processing plant near High River, Alta., On Saturday. Of these, seven cases are active. The outbreak began on December 16, 2020, Alberta Health said, and was publicly reported this week […]

Pandemic forces second cancellation of World Women’s Curling Championship

The event, which was scheduled to take place March 19-28 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, was not supported by the local Swiss health authority. The World Curling Federation made the news official by sending out a press release early Monday. In the statement, the international sports governing body said it had been informed that due to the current pandemic situation and concerns […]

Kanada, şu anda doğru hamleyi yaparsa, 2050 yılına kadar net emisyonları azaltma konumunda benzersiz bir konumda: Rapor

Yeni bir rapora göre, hükümetler bugün fırsattan yararlanırsa, Kanada 2050 yılına kadar net sera gazı emisyonu hedefine ulaşabilecek elverişli bir konumda. Raporun arkasında kamu tarafından finanse edilen bağımsız bir enstitü olan Kanada İklim Seçimi Enstitüsü araştırma direktörü Jason Dion, “Belirsizlik bizi sakatlayabilir veya rahatsız edebilir,” dedi. “Bir yandan, bildiklerimize göre hareket edebileceğimizi bilmemiz için yeterince şey var … diğer yandan, […]

Is an $ 800 purifier the best for cleaning the air in your home? Marketplace tested 5 major brands and their claims

Clean indoor air is increasingly important as COVID-19 keeps Canadians indoors. Popular air purifier brands make a lot of promises about what they can do to protect your home, but a CBC Marketplace the survey found that a homemade DIY purifier can actually outperform some of the better-known brands in the market. There are plenty of claims for consumers to […]

Why Ontario will facilitate regional COVID-19 provincial lockdown

Despite Ontario’s general downward trend in new COVID-19 cases, strong regional differences remain in transmission rates, making it unlikely that the Ford government will lift public health restrictions uniformly across the province over the coming week. The province of Ontario’s home support order will expire on Tuesday, four weeks after it goes into effect. The government will then begin a […]

Canada may have too much party discipline, but it’s at least better than too little

It is difficult to feel good about the overwhelming power and discipline that political parties exercise over the democratic process in Canada. But it could be worse; in the alternative, they could exercise too little power and discipline. Take the case of former Conservative MP Derek Sloan and Republican MP Marjorie Taylor Greene. A few weeks ago, it was revealed […]

Number of jays in southern Ontario shrinking due to climate change, study finds

The number of jays in southern Ontario is declining due to more frequent freeze-thaw days due to climate change, according to a recently published study. The birds’ winter food supply was compromised when fall temperatures fluctuated. The food would thaw, grow bacteria and in some cases become inedible. And it had an effect on reproduction and the number of bird […]