Player’s Own Voice Podcast: Lauren Bay-Regula

Player’s Own Voice Podcast: Lauren Bay-Regula

Lauren Bay-Regula is exactly where she wants to be.

Thirteen years since she last played Olympic fastball, the pitcher is back on the mound, throwing in some heat and helping a team of mostly much younger players understand the game at the highest level possible.

Just weeks before their first match (4-0 victory over Mexico) and a few more days before the opening ceremonies in Tokyo, Anastasia Bucsis was reunited with the mother of three.

Returning to full-time sport has not been easy for Bay-Regula or her business partner / husband. But he and the children are behind his dream. She needed all of this support as she went through severe postpartum depression and lingering miserable memories of narrowly missing the podium in 2008.

Compared to that, throwing fastballs for the first time in a decade was a cinch.

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