Political polls, confidence in Giorgia Meloni rises but Fratelli d’Italia remains below 30%

Political polls, confidence in Giorgia Meloni rises but Fratelli d’Italia remains below 30%

According to the latest poll by Termometro Politico, voters’ confidence in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni goes back. But his party, the Brothers of Italy, remains below 30%.

Confidence in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is growing. A positive trend also reflected in Fratelli d’Italia, which is regaining support after a few weeks of downturn. And even if the 30 percent threshold is not exceeded again, Meloni’s party will still be at least ten points ahead of the others. This is the result of the latest survey by Termometro Politico. Let’s see specifically what would happen if we went back to the elections today.

brothers of Italy It remains the country’s leading party, with support rising slightly to 29.6%. In second place the Democratic Party stable at 18.7%: This is a gap of more than ten points between the dem and the prime minister’s political strength. Instead, retreat Five Star Movementwhich falls to 15.9%, widening the gap (albeit by just three percentage points) with the Democratic Party.

Also down there leaguewhich slips to 9.5% as it recovers come on italy at 7.7%. The survey of Termometro Politico sees the third pole separated: after the break between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi, action Results at 4.1% e Italy lives falls below the 2.4% threshold. So if we were to vote again today, he would not be in Parliament. The Alliance of the Greens and Left also fell to 2.3%. On the other hand, ahead of Avs we find both +Europe, which rises to 2.5%, and Per l’Italia, with comparison at 2.4%.

In political polls, voter confidence in Giorgia Meloni is falling, while FdI continues to grow

Instead, confidence in the prime minister rises to 44.7%. Specifically, 25.7% of respondents say they have a lot of trust in Meloni and 19% say they have enough of it. Conversely, 14.4% state that they have little and 40.4% have nothing at all.

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