Premier Padel ahead in Rome Stupa-Di Nenno

Premier Padel ahead in Rome Stupa-Di Nenno

Doha winners risk big at Foro Italico but reach third round. Italians: Cremona-Cassetta retired, Sussarello-Stellato and Pappacena-Marchetti did well. Company of Perino with Lamperti

Nothing new under the sun, read a famous Bible verse about monotony. Under the sun of the Foro Italico, on the other hand, it really can’t get boring and nothing is taken for granted, even in games where there should be clear favorites on paper. Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk, the number 2 seeded pair of the draw, advance to the third round after a tremendous and unexpected battle against Spaniards Dietro and Leal. The “Superpibes”, winners of the Premier Padel of Doha, surrender the first set 6-4, level the score in the second (6-3) and then fight until the tiebreak of the third where they cancel a match – Show before your opponents to let yourself go in a liberating embrace. So the tournament doesn’t lose two of the announced protagonists along the way… but what a sorrow. Outside, however, Momo Gonzalez and Sanyo Gutierrez, surprisingly beaten by the “monument” Miguel Lamperti, who is “pareja” with the Italo-Argentinian Denis Perino.


In the all-Italian pairs, the race for wildcards Simone Cremona and Marco Cassetta was immediately stopped and beaten in third place by the Spaniards Fernandez-Cardona. In addition to Perino, as already mentioned, the blue colors are represented by Di Giovanni-Cattaneo, who awaits the challenge with the very strong Chingotto and Navarro. Two all-Italian pairings remain in the running for women: Sussarello-Stellato (6-1, 6-1 in Vano-Exposito) and Pappacena-Marchetti (64, 6-3 in Martinez-Clasca) made good debuts. Carolina Orsi, on the other hand, takes the stage today with Patty Llaguno.

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