Roman greeting at the June 2nd parade and La Russa smiles, the video

Roman greeting at the June 2nd parade and La Russa smiles, the video

The author on Instagram shared on Instagram an excerpt from yesterday’s event, June 2nd, denouncing what had happened. However, military sources dispute this.

Enter the parade with the Roman salute“. It’s the writing that appears over a video the author posted to Instagram today Michelle Murgia at the fashion show at the Fori Imperiali for the day of the Republic.

The reference is to the passage of the Comsubin Raiders marina: The specialists – green overalls and cap, faces contorted by a beige handkerchief – shout “Decima” as they parade under the authorities’ stage. There is also the President of the Senate, Ignatius La Russawho claps his hands, “smiles and makes the victory sign with his fingers,” writes Murgia, who recently spoke about his illness.

“This is what happened under the impassive eyes of President Mattarella. Everything is normal, because the normalization process has been going on for years. If the meaning of the video is not clear, search “X flottiglia MAS” on Wikipedia. It will.” is immediately clear to you because La Russa smiles a lot and makes the victory sign. (But what else does it take to understand what is happening?),” the author continues Instagram in the contribution to the video.

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The reference to the “Decima” cry refers to the Decima Mas, the assault detachment of the Marina Regia: after the 1943 Armistice, commander Junio ​​Valerio Borghese deployed part of it in the Social Republic against the Allies. The raised arm of one of the soldiers would instead stand for “l’attenti a sinist,” which is the salute to the platform of authority that all parade detachments make.

The Defense Minister Guido Crosetto did not intervene directly, but retweeted a post by journalist Massimiliano Coccia, who called the accusation “absurd”: “The greeting you see – notes Coccia – It is not a Roman salute but a military marching salute, which consists of raising the right arm vertically (in honor of the tricolor) and then lowering it to the temple in salute. It’s not a salute from just one naval force, it’s a salute from many army corps.” In the previous parades, too, he adds, “the same salutes were performed in the same way.”

And a user who responded with the same argument as Coccia, Michela Murgia, replied as follows: “Oh my god, are you saying I got it wrong? Then he also misunderstood La Russa, pora stella. Someone needs to tell them that there is no need to respond with affiliations to things that are not affiliations!”

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