Rosemary Water for Hair Growth: Does it Really Work?

Rosemary Water for Hair Growth: Does it Really Work?

Inexpensive, easy to prepare and completely natural: thatrosemary water It seems to be a revolutionary hair care product. It gained popularity thanks tick tockwhere many users have reported noticing one increased hair growth since they use it. But is it just a beauty trend or does it actually have extraordinary properties? We asked Mariuccia BucciDermatologist and President of ISPLAD (International-Italian Society for Plastic-Regenerative and Oncological Dermatology).

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How to prepare rosemary water

The preparation is easy. A few sprigs of rosemary are cut off and boiled in a pot of water for about 20 minutes. After turning off the heat, wait for the infusion to cool and filter with a sieve.

How to apply rosemary water to hair

Pour rosemary water into a spray container and It is diffused onto the scalp and lengths. It is recommended to massage the roots of the hair well for a few minutes and leave it on without rinsing.

Does Rosemary Water Grow Hair?

«If you massage it on the scalp, Rosemary water activates the local microcirculation, increasing the activity of the hair follicle. It simply stimulates the follicles like any other non-pharmacological topical administration. The point is that simple massage can improve microcirculation and help to still stimulate growth. In any case, it has no better virtues than a capillary bottle designed with this in mind,” explains dermatologist Mariuccia Bucci.

Does this infusion have any special advantages or contraindications?

“Rosemary has antiseptic, tonic, stimulating and energizing properties. However, it cannot be said that these properties can be transferred directly from the scalp to the follicle. On the contrary, the capillaries have “vehicles” that can transport the ingredients from the scalp to the follicle. It’s a natural remedy You can massage it on the head and thus activate the blood circulation a little, nothing more. There are no special contraindications. It is not a harmful substance and no dangerous product is obtained from this homemade decoction.”

Plant extracts for hair care

“Plant extracts are used for their intrinsic benefits, which can clearly be a additional plus to the formulations. In an essential oil there is already a higher concentration and in fact it is usually not applied directly, but added to the balm or neutral shampoo, for example. Undiluted, it can cause irritation or trigger allergies. There are many extracts that can help and can be viewed as an added benefit within a beauty routine, but these are not magic hair growth solutions. The important thing is that Improvement of the local microcirculation» concludes the specialist.

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