Sala and Bonaccini in the first place

Sala and Bonaccini in the first place

Beppe Sala and Stefano Bonaccini are Italy’s favorite mayors and regional governors, according to the latest edition of the governance poll prepared by Noto Sondaggi for Il Sole 24 Ore.

Who are Italy’s favorite mayors and governors? This is the question that the governance survey, prepared by Noto Sondaggi for Il Sole 24 Ore, sought to answer, examining the consensus for local administrators from North to South. The most popular mayor in the country is Bepe SalaMayor of Milan, while the most popular president of the region is the one from Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini: They are both centre-left members, the winners of the last edition of the poll, respectively edging out Luigi Brugnaro and Luca Zaia.

As for me mayor, Milan’s has an approval rating of 65%, ahead of Marco Fioravanti, mayor of Ascoli Piceno and representative of the centre-right, with 64.5%, and Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari, of the centre-left , with 64 % . The winner of the last edition, Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice, does not make it onto the podium this year, slipping to fourth place with 63%. Among the top ten mayors, led by Sala, most are centre-left mayors, but their approval ratings are declining while those of the centre-right are rising.

The same trend can be seen in the governors: The center-left is losing ground, with only Bonaccini improving its one-year result, while the center-right is more evenly split between those increasing the consensus in their favor and those decreasing it. But let’s look at the ranking: as we said, Bonaccini is in first place, which he ousted Luca Zaia, who instead moved up to second place: 69% of voters express their preference for Emilia-Romagna, while they say one for Zaia Stop a little further down, at 68.5%. In third place is the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, with 64%. Among the top ten governors, Bonaccini and Vincenzo De Luca of Campania (ranked ninth) are all members of the centre-right party.

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