Sandstorm in Phoenix, city burns in record heat

Sandstorm in Phoenix, city burns in record heat

On Monday, Phoenix was hit by a dust storm that coincided with the arrival of the first monsoon storm since the season began in mid-June.

During the afternoon hours, the sand wall crossed the East Valley from east to west, reducing visibility in many areas of the metropolitan area.

Phoenix is ​​the epicenter of the heat wave that is also affecting the United States Almost a third of the population is on high alert for abnormal temperatures.


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The Arizona capital broke a record of 18 consecutive days of 43 degrees or more set in 1974, and forecasts suggest the sweltering heatwave will continue for at least a week.

And the night brings no relief to the residents of the city. Monday’s overnight low of 35 degrees was the highest on record, surpassing the previous record of 33.8 set in 2009.

For the eighth straight day, low temperatures in Phoenix did not fall below 32.2 degrees.

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