Serbia in shock, the new killer is hiding in his grandparents’ house.  Vucic: “Let’s disarm the country”

Serbia in shock, the new killer is hiding in his grandparents’ house. Vucic: “Let’s disarm the country”

Serbia is in shock after two gunshot massacres that took place just a week apart.

Police also arrested Uros B.’s grandfather and uncle, where the 21-year-old perpetrator of last night’s new massacre was hiding. Police found bombs, an automatic rifle and ammunition in her house in Vinjista near Kragujevac (150 km south of Belgrade). The same house where, hours earlier, the young multiple killer who wildly fired from a car driven by an accomplice last night was tracked down and arrested, killed eight people in some villages around Mladenovac, a town about sixty kilometers south of the capital. According to some witnesses, a policeman and his sister were among the victims of the second massacre in the village of Malo Orasje. After the massacre, the killer blocked a taxi driver in Mladenovac and ordered him at gunpoint to take him to Vinjista.

The brutal nature of the shooting has caused panic and great concern among the population and the authorities: only last Wednesday in one School in the center of Belgradea thirteen-year-old Kosta K., used his father’s gun to cause nine deaths, including eight students and a security guard, and injured six other boys and a teacher.

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Serbia, crime scene investigators in the village of Dubona near Mladenovac

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic promised a crackdown on illegal guns in the country by launching a disarmament plan on a large scale to eliminate thousands of weapons. “We will almost completely disarm Serbia,” he said during a press conference. The plan also aims to “disarm” the population already in possession of weapons through blanket checks on those who are already registered. shooting rangesvery popular in Serbia.

For Vucic “This is a mass criminal attack, an attack on our country,” while the head of the Bia secret service, Aleksandar Vulin, spoke about it “Acts of Terror”. The police also use helicopters to patrol the entire area. €25 million has been earmarked for the plan, which begins recruiting police forces to monitor schools. “We want to increase security by 99% and reduce violence by 80%. There are 331 schools in Belgrade, and there will be 331 police officers in them.” Then regular checks, medical examinations and psychiatric and drug tests, measures where “we expect no more than 30,000 to 40,000 weapons lying around. We will double the penalties , and then we’ll see who will still buy weapons,” said the President, promising a hard hit even for hunters.

Aleksandar Vucic pay

Aleksandar Vucic

Research published in the last few days has shown that Serbia ranks third in the world to USA and Montenegroby weapon deposits: 39 out of 100 civilians are armed, with about 6.8 million inhabitants there are more than 760,000 weapons. The other countries of the former Yugoslavia – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia – also have very high gun ownership rates – a clear result of the large quantities of weapons and ammunition still in circulation in the region after the bloody armed conflicts in The The nineties.

Serbia - New attack with several dead in a village in Dubona near Belgrade (LaPresse)

Serbia – New attack with several dead in a village in Dubona near Belgrade

Health Minister Danica Grujicic visited the wounded in hospital and noted that 7 out of 13 were in serious condition. The not yet 14-year-old boy from the Belgrade school, who is not punishable under the law, is being observed in a neuropsychiatric treatment center. His parents have both been arrested and his father, a well-known doctor in the capital, is being heard by the judges.

National mourning has been declared from today until Sunday. Flags across the country are being flown at half-staff, most public events have been canceled and thousands continue to make the pilgrimage to Vladislav Ribnikar School in the center of the capital to lay flowers and light candles to commemorate the young victims.

Belgrade, after the Belgrade school massacre AFP extension

Belgrade, after the Belgrade school massacre

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