Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized but not in intensive care: his condition

Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized but not in intensive care: his condition

The leader of Forza Italia was not admitted to intensive care last night, as initially filtered out by the hospital: the night has been calm, Berlusconi is fully awake and remains in a normal infirmary.

It’s been a quiet night for the President of Forza Italia, Silvio BerlusconiThe Not he was transferred to the intensive care unit, unlike what was filtered out of the hospital in the early hours of the morning. After the leak came the official denial from San Raffaele: Berlusconi is not in intensive care.

Yesterday afternoon, the former Prime Minister entered the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan as a series of checks were to be carried out in the coming days. His doctors decided to forestall them, explaining that this was perfectly normal practice, even though Berlusconi had scheduled meetings with party leaders in Arcore. Hard to believe he’d called her on the day of the medical tests.

Well, that’s about it for the Forza Italia leader A quiet night, according to medical sources. Berlusconi will be subjected to new tests this morning after yesterday’s blood tests showed readings so abnormal he had to be hospitalized. His doctors stated in an official bulletin:

Silvio Berlusconi after returning home: “Never stopped working, now I will extend Forza Italia”

President Silvio Berlusconi is currently in the San Raffaele Hospital for planned examinations related to the known hematological pathology. The anticipation of these controls to date corresponds to the clinical criteria of normal medical practice and is not associated with any criticality or concern.

Yesterday his daughter Marina returned to the hospital to visit her father. The eldest daughter was a constant presence alongside the Forza Italia leader during Berlusconi’s recent hospital stay. Next to Berlusconi, who is completely vigilant, is his comrade Marta Fascina, as always.

The leader of Forza Italia has been suffering from myelomonocytic leukemia for some time, which led to him contracting a lung infection in early April. Berlusconi was in hospital for a month and a half – most of it in intensive care – before leaving the San Raffaele three weeks ago.

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