Spectacular 55-inch LG OLED Smart TV with a 41% discount!

Spectacular 55-inch LG OLED Smart TV with a 41% discount!

Thinking about replacing your TV with a new top of the range? Then you should not miss the Euronics offer on the website wonderful 55″ LG OLED CS6 seriesavailable on the portal at the discounted price of only €999.00!

Take advantage of the action You even save €700.00 compared to the list price of €1,698.99. In addition, you can also opt for a convenient deposit 3 installments of €333.00 without interest with Klarna. It’s a completely free service that allows you to make your purchases interest-free, making them more convenient and accessible.

LG OLED 55 Smart TV" LG OLED 55 Smart TV"

This wonderful Smart TV is part of Samsung’s OLED range, a special range of high-end products known for the beauty of the colours, the intensity of the light and the depth of the blacks. The self-illuminating pixel technology ensures that each individual pixel shines with its own light, giving you a radiant look incredibly bright white and vivid colors in every scene. Also, the pixels turn off completely to treat you an absolute black giving exceptional depth and contrast.

Then be sure to mention it the superb fifth-generation α9 processor, one of the most powerful ever designed for an LG Smart TV. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it works together with the other components of the TV, analyzing what you’re watching and highlighting objects in the foreground for an exceptional viewing experience.

Finally, we remind you that being a Smart TV also allows you to enjoy the convenienceGoogle voice assistant. His help will be invaluable in giving you recommendations on what to watch and helping you find content quickly on your favorite streaming platforms. When you find them all grouped together, you’ll have them at your fingertips, making searching incredibly easy and fast.

Nevertheless, we simply have to refer you to it Euronics page dedicated to the offer. However, we recommend that you make your purchase as soon as possible, before the offer ends.

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