SPF Layering: How to layer sunscreen

SPF Layering: How to layer sunscreen

In order to protect yourself from UV rays, the regular use of sun protection factor is essential, especially in summer. The problem is that hardly anyone wears enough sunscreen. The Content Creator Yung Abbeyin one Video what up tick tock has more than a million views, he suggested not to apply everything at once, but in several layers.

Apply sunscreen should provide greater coverage negative effects of photo exposure, Avoiding annoying residues on the skin. But how effective is it really? We asked Mariuccia BucciDermatologist and President of ISPLAD (International-Italian Society for Plastic-Regenerative and Oncological Dermatology).

How Much Sunscreen Should We Apply?

“The assumption is that most people don’t wear a lot of sunscreen. In theory, we should apply some 2 mg per square centimeterbut they are difficult to quantify. For this reason, various techniques are recommended, such as teaspoon of face and neck cream» explains Bucci.

Apply the sunscreen yourself

“The procedure is to apply the same sunscreen layered. First, a layer is applied that covers almost the entire face. Since these creams often don’t absorb as easily, wait a few minutes and then apply a second layer on top of the first. In this way yes Avoid the “pilling effect”what occurs when small accumulations of product form on the skin».

“It also depends on the type of sunscreen used, whether more or less light or creamy. This allowed the protection to better penetrate areas that could not have been reached with a first pass. Expressed in a simple way Solar in several stages in a few minutes. Two coats are enough: the first, very light, acts as a kind of primer.”

Can different sun protection factors be layered?

“The method of applying the same sunscreen in layers can be helpful Make sure you enter the correct amount and to be able to absorb it better. If instead different products are mixedfor example with sun protection factor 30, 20 and 50 you do not get sun protection factor 100. There is no cumulative effect of the protection factor. Only the amount of active ingredient contained in the layered product changes,” the dermatologist continues.

Mix sunscreen with other products

“There are some Primers that can change the effect of the sun protection factor The same thing. It’s worth applying an SPF foundation or tinted sunscreen straight away, rather than applying other creamy products over the sunscreen. The emulsifiers in the foundation could actually dilute the sunscreen and compromise its integrity. Is always It is better to use a single product, rather than two creams that emulsify or layer to have a better guarantee of coverage itself. Even using products with chemical filters together with others with mineral filters can cause their protection to become unstable.”

Does sunscreen need to be reapplied throughout the day?

“It should be reapplied every two hourssince the The sun protection is impaired by sweating. It is advisable to prefer a SPF quite highAt least one 30, which starts at 97% protection. For some people, depending on their skin type, a value of 50 is even better. who has this oily skin Sometimes he is afraid to protect himself, but there are gods ultra light liquids or water liquidswhich are really very easy».

“The exposome is a set of factors that influence skin aging. There is not only the sun, but also, for example, smog and particulate matter. The sun protection factor protects the skin from UV rays and pollution and defends it from the appearance of skin cancer», concludes the expert.

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