Cancer Patient’s Day: Why are we talking about oblivion?

Spain will have a law on this by Juneoncological oblivion. This was announced by the Prime Minister. Practical there is no obligation to report cancerwhen we enter into certain contracts, particularly those related to mortgage and insurance applications. It is already a reality in other European countries. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal have a law that allows those […]

Day against homophobia, which is written in Minister Valditara’s circular to schools

The school must get involved every day in the “fight against discrimination and in the fight against all forms of bullying and violence,” writes Minister Giuseppe Valditara in the circular sent to schools on the day against homotransphobia. Sergio Mattarella also sent a message in which he described homophobia as “an intolerable social scourge”. The circular from the Minister of […]

Amazon Finds: 7 must-have products for Mother’s Day!

If you surf TikTok in your free time, you must have watched Amazon Finds videos at least once. These products, usually small and with a very affordable price, represent the very useful article for the homeas they offer mini-revolutions to daily routines, allowing you to save time or simplify some activities. We usually give you month-to-month advice on the most […]