Rosemary Water for Hair Growth: Does it Really Work?

Inexpensive, easy to prepare and completely natural: thatrosemary water It seems to be a revolutionary hair care product. It gained popularity thanks tick tockwhere many users have reported noticing one increased hair growth since they use it. But is it just a beauty trend or does it actually have extraordinary properties? We asked Mariuccia BucciDermatologist and President of ISPLAD (International-Italian […]

Netalia: The public cloud accompanies the growth of companies and public administrations

2023 will be remembered as the year of the great migration to the cloud Public administrationalso represents a great opportunity for NataliaFirst Public Cloud Service Providers Italian. Although Netalia has been active since 2010, it has gradually matured in recent years and, on the one hand, guarantees the data sovereignty and on the other hand, the physical and legal domicile […]