Serie A, unavailable on matchday 36. Without Zapata and Lorienté

Atalanta and Verona decimated. All are unavailable on Championship day Mario Ruggiero May 19th – Milan The end of the season is near. However, many players have already completed their tournament between injuries and appearances with the national teams. For example, Zapata and Lauriente, often key players from a fantasy football perspective, will not take the field. You have until […]

Genoa from Serie A: after Dragusin it’s up to Martinez. And Gudmundsson doesn’t move

Two of the great protagonists of Gilardino’s rise have already redeemed themselves, now it’s time for Strootman’s renewal. Looking for a “weight” tip Is the party over yet? Not at all, but Genoa’s future in Serie A (of course under the Gilardino branding with the heavily armored jewel Gudmundsson) has already begun. And with the recent reconfirmation of Dragusin, the […]