“Editing is delicate work.” Until June, the EU Commission’s controls – Corriere.it

There is controversy about thisGovernment amendment to PA Decree presented in Chamber Committee which contains two different rules for the Court of Auditors’ controls. The government, in the Labor and Constitutional Commissions, has proposed extending the so-called tax shield by one year (from June 30, 2023 to June 30, 2024), thereby limiting the possibility of challenging the tax damage to […]

Rosemary Water for Hair Growth: Does it Really Work?

Inexpensive, easy to prepare and completely natural: thatrosemary water It seems to be a revolutionary hair care product. It gained popularity thanks tick tockwhere many users have reported noticing one increased hair growth since they use it. But is it just a beauty trend or does it actually have extraordinary properties? We asked Mariuccia BucciDermatologist and President of ISPLAD (International-Italian […]

Assertive Communication: Why Practice It In Life And At Work?

There quality of our life it also largely depends on how we manage it live with other people and build relationships with them. Each of us has a different communication style characterized by different strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of your profession, improving your communication skills will have a positive impact on the way you go about your everyday life. Between […]

Work: 8 films that make you think about toxic environments, precariousness and hyperproductivity

In the cinema, from its beginnings to today, the world of Work watched several times. In particular, their effects on private life have played an important role in the narrated events. A situation that today is increasingly upset and keeps recurring, so much so that, according to the Censis Eudaimon report on corporate wellbeing, almost half of Italian workers would […]