Technical, definition and 8K quality

Technical, definition and 8K quality

There 8K technology guarantees a resolution that allows a very high resolution, about four times higher than that of the already advanced 4K technology.

8K was designed to offer a much more immersive view compared to what happened before; This is done by one better use of image processing technologies This allows for a more satisfying display even of lower resolution content.

Thanks to this innovative technology, all films, TV series, but also video games are displayed with extreme resolution, quality and sharpness: the images have clearer edges and do not show pixels, unlike what can happen with lower resolutions.

More and more devices related to the display of content, equipped with multimedia inputs and outputs (televisions, screens, computers, but also mobile phones), use 8K technology.

In order not to lose quality, to make the most of the instruments’ potential and to achieve the best possible quality when two or more of these devices are in dialogue, the right connection is required. From a technical point of viewLeader of the technological vanguard, proposes the new HDMI and DP 8K cables.

HDMI and DP connectors are both used transmit audio and video signals Between two devices with a single cable, they are comparable in terms of performance and quality, which is why most monitors are equipped with both interfaces.

technology HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is considered the reference standard for audio/video interfaces.

Its introduction was a real revolution and its evolution goes hand in hand with the evolution of resolution in the world of multimedia entertainment.

THE HDMI™ 2.1 AOC 8K 48Gbps eARC HDMI™ active optical cables From a technical point of view In glass fiber Maintain that standard by allowing this to happen 8K super high definition audio and image transmission from one device to another. AOC fiber optic cables are hybrid cables consisting of optical fiber OM3 4-wire and 7-wire copper conductors are PVC-coated and require no external power supply: they draw power directly from the connected device to transmit the 8K signal long distances without loss of quality.

Available in 4 lengths (10, 15, 20 And 30 meters) are thinner, lighter and softer than traditional copper cables, ideal for installation in cramped spacesthey support a Bandwidth of 48 Gbit/s.

They are very resilient, with EMI shielding (Electromagnetic Interference) e RFI protection (radio frequency interference), transmit images and audio with great clarity, without delays and signal lossThis makes it the ideal solution for conference rooms, classrooms and neon signs, but also for home cinemas.

They are suitable for connecting two HDMI Type A devices and transmit audio and video up to 8K60Hz long-distance and transmission signals High dynamic range (HDR) 4K for intense contrast and higher color accuracy.

You are compliant HDCP 2.2 protocol This increases security standards when transmitting signals between connected devices.

To route the TV sound through your sound system without a separate cable, use thisImproved audio return channel (eARC) and support the most advanced audio formats to provide the highest audio quality.

Techly 8K cable

Active optical cables From a technical point of view conform to specifications HDMI2.1the latest and most advanced on the market, allowing you to always be with you backward compatible This means they are also suitable for use in devices that are equipped with older versions.

In the gaming world, the HDMI 2.1 port brings support for interesting features advanced multimedia and gaming features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which adapts the screen refresh rate to the speed at which the player is producing the content, reducing lag and lag during gameplay; the Auto Low Latency mode (ALLM), which allows automatic switching to game mode, or the Quick Media Switching (QMS), which eliminates any delay before the content is displayed.

If a link connection needs to be adjusted, From a technical point of view suggests 1.8m USB-C™ 3.2 to HDMI 2.1 [email protected] Adapter Cable even with its even shorter version of 15cm. It also supports the 8K @ 60Hz video resolution with data rate up to 8 Gbps and conform to the specifications of USB 3.0 power delivery.

Techly 8K cable

For those who need to adapt a USB-C™ connection to devices DP, Techly He has made 1.8m USB-C™ 3.2 to Displayport 1.4 [email protected] adapter cable and, also in this case, by 15cm.

While HDMI is primarily used for TV connections with consumer electronics, the DisplayPort standard provides a digital video interface that is extremely popular with PC graphics cards because it allows higher resolutions and higher data transfers with lower latency times, and allows multiple computers to be managed at the same time MST function (Multi-Stream-Transport).

Techly DP cable Enjoy clearer vision, better picture and sound quality with support for Hot-plug detection and 8-bit deep color. They support 8K video thanks DP 1.4the latest on the market that significantly improves DisplayPort performance especially in the gaming world while meeting resolution and refresh rate requirements.

The new standard 8K is the current revolution in the definition of the image, a must for all lovers of cinema, TV series and video games. From a technical point of view offers the best optical cables and adapters to guarantee its users the best possible audiovisual result in all circumstances: in conference rooms, offices or simply to connect the home cinema at home.

8K Techly Cablewhich always guarantee the best quality, allow the highest definitions to be achieved.

Techly 8K cable

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