“The car? Technical breakthrough and more beauty, so it will remain strategic» –

“The car? Technical breakthrough and more beauty, so it will remain strategic» –

“The real value of the revolution that our President Luca de Meo has inscribed on Renault – says Raffaele Fusilli, CEO of Renault Italia (pictured) – undoubtedly lies in the effort of technological innovation that has never been more evident, coupled with beauty .” If Dostoyevsky said that beauty will save the world, we are convinced that beauty will save the car.” It was necessary to create love at first sight with machines without too strong lines and to inspire a new style that was led by the diamond brand with the more vertical logo. “The human aspect of our brand is culture,” the manager reiterates, “which brings us closer to people through the car, with a more informal approach, starting from the lowest segment to C and D. A connection between life and The danger is from China: Beijing exported more than a million vehicles in the first quarter of the year and is developing a supply chain ranging from lithium mining to batteries to devices linked to Chinese manufacturers that begin to feel the need to open factories in different markets around the world.

Fusilli comments: “The United States has also instituted a safeguard policy to curb the importation of Chinese cars into its continent, which automatically seek new markets.” Renault has a consolidated 125-year history. By 2025 we will launch 14 models, seven of them in the C and D segments. Among them, two legends will return, the Renault 4 and 5, they will be the strongest symbol of our evolution.” A strategy is also being implemented to ensure the uniqueness of past achievements by launching the sixth generation of Espace. “Forty years ago, this model invented the minivan segment,” says Fusilli. Today, although completely reinterpreted, it retains the DNA of the five previous generations, offering more comfort, livability and luminosity. The Espace has the most efficient hybrid engine (E-Tech full hybrid) on the market, which emits the least CO2 per kilometer.” Name of a fighter aircraft that refers to a path of performance and aerodynamics, presented in world premiere in mid-June Le Bourget Salon.

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