the Clai cooperative calls on the government to reduce VAT –

the Clai cooperative calls on the government to reduce VAT –

After last year’s gains, the increase of cost of meat it will also continue in 2023. In the first quarter, the cost of slaughter pigs recorded a 34% increase. Fresh PDO ham increased by 19% and meat for the production of cured meats by 30%. Then the alarm goes off Clai (Cooperative of Imolian Peasant Workers born 1962), one of the most important food companies in the country and active in the meat and cured meats sector, which requires the support of the institutions and the intervention of the Meloni government For reduce VAT (from 10 to 4%) and organize a real table that includes all the steps: from breeding to final distribution, observes Pietro D’Angeli, general manager of the cooperative with a turnover of 316 million and 564 employees. Despite these numbers, Clai is experiencing this paradox, like other realities in the industry: in 2022, it increased its sales by 11%, but also saw its profits fall by a third (32%, to be exact).

The reasons are obvious: First, i Energy and raw material costs – explains D’Angeli -. And currently no cost reductions are expected, mainly for two reasons: the decrease in pig production in Italy and Europe and the forecasts of a decrease in thecorn sacrifice (Principles of Animal Nutrition, ed.) caused by dryness. The outcome of this situation, according to the Cooperative, has meant that a 25% increase in production costs. And if we consider that CPI inflation hit 7.6% in March 2023, we understand how Clai, along with other realities in the industry, has only partially unloaded the increases recorded in the last year and a half, also due to resistance from large-scale retailers . To deal with the situation, as good people from Romagna, we are used to rolling up our sleeves – D’Angeli recalls –. It is no coincidence that we continued our project to create a CHP plant, which will make us more autonomous from an energetic point of view. We have hired more staff and are continuing the investment plan to strengthen structures. The cooperative has its commitment in the field of solidarity: At Easter, for example, he donated to Community of Sant’Egidio that works in favor of the most vulnerable groups.

But even those who do not belong to the poorest categories are confronted with different consumption decisions than in the past. People are in trouble and are more likely to turn their attention to lower-level shopping categories – the manager points out -. The risks for a company like ours are obvious. The reference to the quality-oriented development path that Clai has always striven for. But even in times of rising raw material prices, we have decided not to do without ithigh quality of our productsConfirmation of the obligations to control the 100% Italian supply chain, on safety, on expertise, on comprehensive sustainability. We have also strengthened all business areas. A confirmation of this attention is the birth of two completely preservative-free products such as the Imola 1962 salami and the spiced guanciale. In short, as the Director General says, there are companies that are making their contribution despite the not very encouraging situation. But if we don’t see a change of scenery, perhaps all this is no longer enough: at the moment it is difficult to understand how long we will have to work under these conditions – D’Angeli interrupts -. We must also feel the support of the government: reduce sales taxtake as an example 10% to 4%, that is, equating meat and sausages with cheese, as well as fruit and vegetables, would help cheer up the market. In addition, a real table should be organized, including all the steps: from breeding to final distribution. Working together, solutions can be found that can protect every link in this vital supply chain of our country.

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