The node on abuse of office and the EU Anti-Corruption Directive

The node on abuse of office and the EU Anti-Corruption Directive

Now that President Mattarella has given the green light, the Nordio bill is preparing to arrive in Parliament. Abuse of office remains at the heart of the issue, especially after the rejection of the proposal for an EU anti-corruption directive in the Commission.

Minister’s draft law Charles Nordio is ready to go to Parliament. In fact, the President of the Republic authorized the transmission of the provision to the chambers, even if it required a week’s waiting and an interview with Giorgia Meloni himself. A personal conversation in which Sergio Mattarella would have expressed his confusion about some points of the draft law, primarily for compatibility with European legislation, etcElimination of abuse of office. However, since the text is still subject to amendments by the Chamber and Senate and the Prime Minister would have accepted some considerations, Colle gave the green light in the end.

Within a few hours, however, a not exactly reassuring signal came from the majority. The directive of the European Parliament and the Council is actually available in the Commission for EU Policy The fight against corruption was rejected from the right. And the possibility of a new open front arises. In fact, the European directive reaffirms the importance of the crime of abuse of office. Although Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has stressed that “The question of abuse of office is a matter for the individual nation state“The conflict is at the door.

Especially in the case of a section of the opposition, which has been relentlessly grappling with the abuse of office in recent weeks. “Yesterday there was financial peace and amnesties, today the no to the European anti-corruption directive. Here is the Italian law‘ commented the leader of the Senate Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia. The head of the Democrat delegation in the European Parliament, Brando Benifeihe added: “With this, the Italian Parliament takes a wrong position, which fortunately is not binding for the European process of law, which again causes us in Europe trouble. Given the efforts being made to improve information sharing and European operational coordination to fight corruption and environmental crime, it can’t exactly be our country that stands in the way“.

The majority does not agree with the reform of the MES: the vote could be postponed to September

The leader of Action doesn’t think so Charles Calendawho criticized Brussels’ attitude towards Sky Tg24: “The EU is making a mistake, you can’t fight corruption by adding crime. I’m a staunch pro-European, but when you open 100 abuse cases and win eight, you delegitimize the work of the entire judiciary“.

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