the Ponzano Veneto family on the Zurich and Madrid stock exchanges –

the Ponzano Veneto family on the Zurich and Madrid stock exchanges –

Even the last Italian-listed company in the Benetton galaxy is going public. On Monday 24th July, with the completion of the Dufry takeover bid, Autogrill will leave Piazza Affari where it landed 26 years ago after the Ponzano Veneto family took control four years earlier with the privatizations initiated by IRI. The travel catering company is now fully controlled by the Zurich-listed group, of which the first shareholders are the Benettons, with just over 22%, through Edizione, the family holding chaired by Alessandro Benetton, which in May 2022 decided to change the name to Scheme 43 (Atlantia) because it commemorates the victims of the Morandi Bridge.

Less than eight months ago, in December 2022 – a few months after the sale of Autostrade per l’Italia to Cdp – Atlantia also left Borsa Italiana after Edizione-Blackstone’s takeover bid (which controls Aeroporti di Roma), which became Mundys in March 2023. A holding company active in transport infrastructure and sustainable mobility, it is 57% controlled by the Benettons but is not publicly listed. While the historic Benetton was founded in 1955 by brothers Luciano, Giuliana, Gilberto and Carlo and then grew into a chain with 3,700 stores, it was delisted in January 2012 after 26 years of listing. For the Benettons, this means leaving the Italian stock exchange as industrial or majority shareholders. The historic Venetian dynasty remains in Piazza Affari with its financial holdings in Mediobanca and Generali. As a public industrial stake they also own 9.9% of Cellnex, however we are in Madrid.

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