The right criminalizes rainbow families and uses them to gain electoral support

The right criminalizes rainbow families and uses them to gain electoral support

In an interview with Fanpage.it, Alessandro Zan comments on the decision of the Padua Public Prosecutor’s Office to challenge the birth certificates of 33 children with two mothers. And he defines it as “inhuman, unacceptable, cruel”. Then adding: “Unfortunately, there is a political climate that has exempted the customs authorities from any attempt to criminalize homoparenteric families and their children.”

For Alexander Zan It is no coincidence that the Padua prosecutor’s office decided to challenge 33 birth certificates of children with two mothers on the same day that the Brothers of Italy bill arrived in the chamber to make surrogacy a universal crime. “There is a clear link between the start of discussion in Parliament on the crazy GPA universal crime law and the cruel actions of the Padua prosecutor who, since 2017, have been challenging the 33 birth certificates of children who are now 6 years old to lose a mother by decree“, commented the MP from the Democratic Party in an interview with Fanpage.it. To then add that the prosecutor’s office was simply a “inhuman, unacceptable, cruel decision“. It still is: “Unfortunately, there is a political climate that has allowed any attempt to criminalize homoparent families and their children

What was your first thought when you heard the news of what was happening in Padua?

Prosecutors should be independent. These are birth certificates that were registered in 2017. Why retroactive? Why target children who are now six years old, living with their families and attending school? And why should their affections, their rights, be violated? It’s unacceptable and cruel. We must continue to fight, both within the institutions but also outside and also by appealing to the courts, because it is really a question of a decision that is beyond all logic, beyond good and evil.

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This is just the latest in a series of acts affecting same-parent families…

The right wing that has just come to power has implemented a plan of persecution and discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community, against rainbow families. They began with the rejection of the European regulation demanded by Ursula von der Leyen for the recognition of the rights of children of same-parent couples in all states of the Union. Then the government has not appealed against Orban’s homotransphobic laws, as requested by the European Union (precisely because there is a political pact between Giorgia Meloni and Viktor Orbán, they want to bring Italy to the level of Poland and Hungary). And then Minister Matteo Piantedosi’s circular prohibiting mayors from transcribing the birth certificates of children of same-parent couples. Although this will likely only be the first of many proposals put forward in their overall plan to discriminate against people, finally there is the bill designed to make the GPA a universal crime.

Fantozzi would say that’s crazy nonsense. Why? It is inapplicable, double criminality is required, it is unconstitutional, it would violate the European legal order. They do this as an ideological association to target and criminalize homoparental families. There is an overall plan to discriminate against the LGBTQI+ community and rainbow families: This law does not do all this by accident, there is a precise and well thought out plan.

Referring to the Padua case, Minister Roccella said that the only way to become parents is either biologically or through adoption, not “by decree”. how does he answer

The contract has nothing to do with it, it is a parent project like all family projects. Two people who love each other and who decide to start a family, to have children. And this is a completely normal fact that is received positively in other countries. There is much talk of a birth crisis, but then thousands of traditional families are targeted. The right wants to defend the traditional family, although none of the right-wing leaders practice the traditional family. It is therefore an intolerable rhetoric that does not correspond to the coherence of these people. They take it out on those who just want to build a family project, a life project, a future. And it’s really sad that they’re using these families as scapegoats for their election consensus, for their sinister election dividend.

Speaking of birth rates, this is one of the topics Giorgia Meloni discussed with Elon Musk when she received him at Palazzo Chigi. However, Musk only had one of his children through surrogacy…

That, too, is a great hypocrisy. Meloni received Elon Musk with the honors of a head of state, with the Carabinieri parade, etc. And instead he had to say coherently (among other things, this is also absurd because it concerns the assertion that the fascist Rocco code had to be the penal code in force throughout). the world) that Musk is a criminal. But since Elon Musk is straight, right-wing, and very wealthy, Meloni may have turned a blind eye. Two weights and two measures are used here. If you’re rich, right-wing, and straight, the GPA is fine. If you are a parental family instead, then the government will attack you and make your life impossible. It makes you an object of social stigma and shame.

What do you think of the suggestion of a supportive pregnancy for others, supported by many civil society groups?

I personally agree with the supportive, altruistic and ethical pregnancy for others. In this case there is no form of commercialization and exploitation, but full self-determination of women. Let me remind you that individual self-determination is a constitutional fact in our legal system. If the choice is free, autonomous and conscious, that’s fine from my point of view. But I believe that there are still many things to be done in our country before pregnancy is settled for others, such as equal marriage and recognition of the children of rainbow couples.

There are many boys and girls who do not have the same rights as others and are waiting for answers. There are non-biological parents who cannot pick up their children from school or from the doctor, cannot help them in the hospital, cannot travel with them alone. It is children who experience situations of inequality, treatment that goes directly against Article 3 of our Constitution. There is also the issue of adoption, not only for same-sex couples, but also for singles. In short: there is still a lot to do. As the Democratic Party, we have introduced a comprehensive family law bill, ranging from egalitarian marriage to adoption to the recognition of children at birth.

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