The third tranche of the Pnrr will arrive at the end of June, Commissioner Gentiloni says

The third tranche of the Pnrr will arrive at the end of June, Commissioner Gentiloni says

The third installment of the Pnrr “will arrive soon, realistically by the end of the month.” Word from EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. However, he emphasizes: “The real challenge will lie in the following phases.”

The third part of Pnrr it will arrive at the end of June. The EU Economic Commissioner is certain that Paul Gentiloniwhich he assured third in his speech at the Taobuk Festival in Taormina tranche of payments from Brussels”it will arrive soon, realistically by the end of the month“. Gentiloni then added: “The challenge for us in Italy, in addition to completing these reviews with Brussels in the third tranche, is above all the subsequent phases. Don’t think that there is a rigidity in Brussels about the possibility of changing projects, because there isn’t. We don’t have a notarial position, but we pay attention because it’s about everyone’s money“.

After the delays and postponements, in short, there third part Funding from Brussels is finally on its way. But the challenge, as Gentiloni said, will be in the next dates. With Italy struggling to spend all its funds, there are always risks. In addition, it is not yet clear what the government intends to do with some funds and projects that the government has announced will be reviewed and adjusted since it took office.

The next generation Eu is an exceptional opportunity. The scope of this operation is enormous“, Gentiloni continued in Taormina, stressing that this is the greatest opportunity since the Marshall Plan.”We cannot afford an attitude of resigned skepticism, as if we have obligations that we must fulfill just to avoid angering the European Commission, but the government knows that“continued the former prime minister.

The government is trying to speed up the Pnrr so as not to lose funds, Europe wants a proposal quickly

Gentiloni also spoke about the controls of the Court of Auditorsand stressed that the primary focus of accounting judges is on “Given the enormous amount of money we are talking about” and the very high Italian public debt. In short, at this stage it is fundamental to act quickly and well.

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