They are wrong, they have no answers

They are wrong, they have no answers

Maurizio Landini, secretary of the CGIL, criticized the summit meetings between trade union organizations and Minister Calderone on pensions: so far they have been “false”, he said, also because there is “prejudice against the trade unions” on the part of the CGIL government.

The Meloni government “is just thinking about reacting to its majority” and with the unions “there have been false comparisons and there has been no real discussion” on the issue of pensions. Harsh words from Maurizio Landini, Secretary of the CGIL. Union organizations have only been convened a few times in recent months by Labor Minister Marina Calderone to discuss pensions. The last appointment was at the end of June. Even then, Landini had no mince: a “completely useless” meeting, he had defined, explaining that “they repeated the same things as in January” and “actually it means not wanting to make any changes to the Fornero Law “. .

Today, in his speech in Agorà on Rai 3, the CGIL Secretary took stock of relations with the Ministry and more generally with the Executive of Giorgia Meloni. “We don’t regulate ourselves differently depending on who is in government,” he said. “Who has prejudices and Bad for unions It’s the government.”

Since the beginning of the year there have been “some meetings, but fake ones,” Landini said. “When I talk about pensions and You don’t say how many resources you put on the table what are we discussing? Will the Fornero Law be violated? Are we discussing giving young people a guaranteed pension? Suppose you can retire with 41 years of contributions? Will flexibility be introduced at 62? Is care work recognised? “We didn’t get an answer2”, the trade unionist complained.

INPS corrects July pension notice after controversy: “Now the fourteenth month is separate”

The attention of the workers’ representatives was mainly focused on the Fornero reform, which raised the retirement age to 67 in 2012, along with 42 years and 10 months of contributions for men and 41 years and 10 months for women. Since then, year after year, numerous reforms have been passed to repeal the Fornero law – most recently the Meloni government’s quota 103 – but the law itself has not been repealed. Therefore, each year there is a “risk” of returning to the criteria established by the Fornero reform unless the government intervenes with some form of early retirement.

As for the Fornero reform, “we have asked to review and change it, six months have passed, we have had two meetings and the government has not yet said what is happening,” summarized Landini. “If the discussion is about changing a few commas of the Fornero law, we’re not interested. The government doesn’t tell us how much money they want to invest.” At the end of the year we return dry to Fornero“.

In the same broadcast, the CGIL secretary also announced that there would be another one after the summer protest demonstrationprobably together with the other confederal unions: “On September 30 there will be a big demonstration that will focus on the fight against precariousness,” he said, also pointing to possible reforms for a minimum wage and for the expansion of collective agreements at national level .

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