This food processor can also be controlled via a smartphone and is 30% cheaper!

This food processor can also be controlled via a smartphone and is 30% cheaper!

You are passionate about cooking and You want to drastically simplify the creation of the most complex recipes? If so, we advise you not to miss it Mambo Touch multifunction food processor under the Cecotech brand, 30% reduced on Amazon!

For now and only for a short time, you can take it home with you only €245.90 instead of €349.90, an unmissable prize considering that you can also take advantage of the Cofidis line of credit. Thanks to this option, you can split the payment into 5 to 24 interest-free installments – ideal for making your purchase even cheaper!

Kitchen machine from Cecotec Kitchen machine from Cecotec

This multifunctional food processor has 37 functions: sear, grind, chop, grate, heat, whip, emulsify and much more! Therefore ideal for the preparation of literally any recipe from first and second courses to all kinds of desserts.

For more convenience, you can easily customize everything thanks to the 5″ touchscreen. In addition, the OneClick system gives you the ability to change accessories in seconds without having to remove the bowl from your robot. To mention that The device also integrates the scaleto weigh the stored food with great precision and work with exact quantities to obtain impeccable results.

Last but not least, the Mambo app for smartphones! Not only will you find numerous guided recipes with step-by-step descriptions and predefined modes for easy operation, but you also have the option to do so Manage features and speed right from your smartphone.

With this in mind, all we have to do is advise you to purchase the product and invite you to consult it Amazon page is dedicated to promoting and proposing too Complete your purchase as soon as possibleAt least before the offer expires.

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