Thousands of Niagara School Employees Can Get COVID-19 Vaccine During April Vacation

Thousands of Niagara School Employees Can Get COVID-19 Vaccine During April Vacation

Thousands of school staff in Niagara will be able to get vaccinated starting this Saturday.

Up to 4,000 educators and others who work in District School Board Niagara (DSBN) schools can get vaccinated between April 10 and April 18, according to a press release from the council.

The Catholic Council of Niagara also says that approximately 2,000 eligible employees can now register to receive their vaccine at Seymour-Hannah Sports and Recreation in St. Catharines. The goal that anyone who wants to have a shot can get one before heading back to class after spring break on April 19.

“Schools are microcosms of the community, and we know that we are not immune to being affected by community cases,” said Camillo Cipriano, director of education for the Niagara Catholic District School Board, in a statement.

“We recognize how easy it is to transmit COVID-19, especially the new variants of concern,” he said. “It’s a step closer to what most of us consider a normal school year, hopefully in September.”

Both boards referred to Niagara Health and Niagara Region Public Health, thanking officials and the hospital system for advocating for school staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“Vaccinating staff who work in schools means that another layer of safety and protection is there for students, staff and their families,” said Warren Hoshizaki, director of education at DSBN, in a statement. hurry.

DSBN says that, along with provincial plans to keep schools open, it has pushed staff to get vaccinated, describing vaccines for school workers as “critical.”

“NRPH and Niagara Health have gone above and beyond to ensure that staff working in schools are immunized and we are extremely grateful for that,” said Sue Barnett, president of DSBN in the statement.

“By making this decision, they have improved the safety of our students, staff and their families for the remainder of the year.”

The council says staff are working with health officials this week to sort out the logistics of vaccine distribution so they can start this weekend.

No word yet on photos of HWDSB staff

A spokesperson said shortly before noon on Tuesday that the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) had not received any updates on when its staff members can expect to be vaccinated.

“There is no doubt that we continue to advocate for education workers to receive immunizations,” Shawn McKillop wrote in an email. “We remain hopeful and continue to work with Hamilton Public Health Services.

HWDSB education director Manny Figueiredo also said the board and executive board continued to push for education workers to have priority access to the vaccine.

“Education workers are essential, especially in this third wave, and plans should be adjusted to recognize your value and to keep schools open,” he said yesterday in a message to staff.

Local teachers’ unions, for their part, are increasing the calls for their members to be vaccinated.

Daryl Jerome, president of the local bargaining unit for the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, said in an email to CBC that local public health “needs to take the lead in Niagara Health and give priority to vaccines for education workers now ”.

Jeff Sorensen, president of the Hamilton-Wentworth local for the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, said the union had also not received any information about the gunfire. members so far.

He underscored the HWDSB’s call for vaccines, saying it was “confused by the apparent disconnect” between pushing for vaccines and keeping schools open for in-person learning.

“If vaccines are needed to keep staff and students safe, why are we always open when we don’t have access to vaccines?”

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