Trudeau pledges $ 14.9 billion for public transit projects

Trudeau pledges $ 14.9 billion for public transit projects

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday announced plans to spend $ 14.9 billion over the next eight years on transit projects across the country.

Part of that funding will go to a $ 3 billion per year permanent transit fund starting in 2026, Trudeau said, which aims to provide stable and predictable funding so that municipalities can plan their future projects.

“We need efficient, modern transit systems that make our communities more connected,” Trudeau said in a virtual announcement.

“While these investments are good for the economy and essential to our recovery from this global crisis, they are also helping us meet our climate goals.

Trudeau said the funding could be used for metro extensions, the electrification of transit fleets, sidewalks and bike lanes, as well as rural mobility needs.

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