Up to 40 could be missing

Up to 40 could be missing

News on migrants and landings in Italy

A new shipwreck on the route to Lampedusa may have claimed the lives of around 40 people: IOM and UNHCR have reported on it. A newborn baby is said to have been on board the small boat, which is believed to have started from Tunisia.

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News on migrants and landings in Italy

Another shipwreck Mediterranean Sea. The night after Lampedusa, a boat with dozens of people on board sank: there could be up to forty missing. Reporting what happened is the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Spokesman Flavio Di Giacomo explains that while the dynamics and numbers have yet to be confirmed, there is certainly an urgency to step up the rescue along the Tunisian route.

The fragile iron barges they must travel on migrants Refugees fleeing the country are causing an unsustainable number of deaths this year“, he said. UNHCR spokeswoman Chiara Cardoletti added that there was also a newborn on board.”It is unacceptable to keep counting the dead at the gates of Europe, a coordinated and joint rescue mechanism at sea between states is now also a question Consciousness”.

Both IOM and UNHCR speak of only four survivors being taken to Lampedusa by Italian patrol boats. But about forty people didn’t answer the call. And something new is to be feared tragedy at sea.

New shipwreck off Lampedusa, three people missing after small boat sank

On June 7, before the terrible shipwreck in Greece that would have claimed the lives of up to six hundred people, the IOM and the UN project Missing Migrants underlined that this had been the case since the beginning of the year over a thousand people have already lost their lives attempts to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Dramatic numbers that could increase further as summer begins without effective rescue operations.

The departuresIn fact, they don’t seem to be decreasing in any way. In fact, thousands of people have landed on Lampedusa in the past few days. The Imbriacola District hotspot remains crowded despite the continuous transfers. Around 1,200 people currently live in the center.

According to the Viminale dashboard, they have landed in Italy since the beginning of last year, June 23rd almost 60,000 people, to be exact 59,767. A much higher figure than in previous years, due to severe political and economic instability in various African countries, the resurgence of some armed conflicts and climate change.

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