What happens when quota 103 expires, the knots to untie?

What happens when quota 103 expires, the knots to untie?

Pensions, the latest news

A Social Expenditure Observatory will be set up in the Ministry of Labour, which will be tasked with examining possible interventions for pension reform once quota 103 has expired.

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Pensions, the latest news

Not only the tax reform: At the trade union meeting in the Palazzo Chigi, the government also took stock of the reform pensions, a topic dear to Lega and Forza Italia in particular, which on the one hand aim for the odds of 41 and on the other hand want to increase the minimum payments to a thousand euros. In the budget law, Giorgia Meloni put on paper that there are currently no funds, especially for a substantial intervention like that on pensions: however, the Ministry of Labor will set up an observatory of social security expenditure, which will be precisely the task of ““Map all expenses and assess the impact of certain measures”.

In short, a first step in evaluating how to proceed with the flow of Odds 103. In the knowledge that a comprehensive structural reform will take time. Technical discussions between the government and unions on pensions will resume in June, but it is likely that the current early exit scheme will be extended for next year. The possibility of retiring from the age of 62 with 41 years of contributions could therefore remain for the whole of 2024. Or a bridging measure is considered until clearer interventions are possible.

Meanwhile, a study by the Court of Auditors stressed that the logic of the Fornero Law should not be questioned, but merely opened up the possibility “Correct some points of excessive legal rigidity through targeted measures“. It would be necessary for the judges to put a stop to the various Lega-branded quotas, as these would be too expensive. However, one system check It is also necessary for the court: the study underlines the fragility of the pensions, with which forty-year-old workers, especially young people with wages of less than 20,000 euros per year and women, will receive a check about 30% lower than what male colleagues received.

How the women’s option works, the inps circular explains who can apply in 2023

Another knot to be untied for 2024 is that of Female option, now limited to carers, workers with disabilities and those laid off by companies in the crisis. At present, the government’s intentions on this front are unclear.

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